The dispatch of gazettes 6 and 7 for America and ROW has been finished 1 month ago, but it appears that some packets are stuck, here is an example of USPS message “Your item departed our USPS facility in CHICAGO IL INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER on July 27, 2017 at 12:54 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination. “. The dispatcher is working on the problem, so we hope you’ll get your products very soon.

Meanwhile, immediate orders are now open, it means that those who pre-ordered the gazettes will soon receive them, they will be shipped next week.

The 8 is scheduled for next year 🙂

Have a good day and thank you very much for your patience !



posted by Sandy the [25/08/2017]

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15 Comments on “GAZETTE 6-7”

  1. avatar 15. blownfreaks said :

    I have not receive mine as well. I’m located in Malaysia.

  2. avatar 14. Renaud92240 said :

    Hello ! Toujours rien reçu de mon côté… Ni gazettes ni Desert Wrath.
    Je vais devoir aller squatter chez Mulberry pour voir les gazettes… (Antoine, si tu nous lis!😋).

  3. avatar 13. DARREN CRUM said :

    UK got mine on Friday, many thanks

  4. avatar 12. starman said :

    I see you forgot mine , it arrived this morning thank you.

  5. avatar 11. starman said :

    I am confused you said they were already delivered.

    Do you know when it will ship my subscription was for :-
    Subscription UK/US 5 DPG58209 : Subscription English 4 Issues – Europe/America/Africa

    The last issue I received in 2016 was 5 (although wrongly numbered 4)

    Am I correct that this covers issues 5-8?

  6. avatar 10. Axel said :

    They are coming 😉

  7. avatar 9. starman said :

    Well I live in the UK and preordered but they have not arrived

  8. avatar 8. beleg01 said :

    Abonné jusqu’à la Gazette n°8 depuis les lustres… Toujours en attente des Gazette n°6 et n°7…

  9. avatar 7. Rambol said :

    bon boulot, elles sont superbes.

  10. avatar 6. kakita horiuko said :

    ET elles sont EXCELLENTES !!!!!!

  11. avatar 5. caporal jeff said :

    Viens de voir
    Pas de souci,je vais patienter
    Et puis pas grave,je vais taxé les siennes pour joué…

  12. avatar 4. Sandy said :

    ça a commencé la semaine dernière 🙂

  13. avatar 3. Demy Jean Francois said :

    Sandy, concernant les autres precommandes on a une date?

  14. avatar 2. Sandy said :

    C’est normal, tu l’as pré-commandée et comme je l’ai annoncé les pré-co seront envoyées la semaine prochaine…

  15. avatar 1. caporal jeff said :

    Je viens de recevoir,celle de mon pote chez moi
    Et pas la mienne hihihi