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Gazette #5 and shipping

Hi everybody,

The Gazette #5 will have 3 months of late. We won’t send you it before end of March. You may ask why.

The Gazette is a wonderful adventure, but it requires substantial investment of time and resources from our side. Currently we fail to deliver in due time with the sufficient quality, and the Gazette is not profitable enough. The current model does not work well.

This is why the Gazette, in its current form (format, time of issue) will stop after #8. BUT we allow ourselves the opportunity to publish it again later in special number format or turn into something else.

The subscription for the issues #5-#8 is the final subscription, we will reopen it until March. After Mars, for those who are not subscribers, Gazette issues (sale one by one) will still be available on our website, so do not panic;-) Concerning the delivery time of publication, we remove the dates because we can not guarantee them, we can ensure you will receive issues 5-8 within 12 months.

We thank all those who supported us, who support us and who continue to support us in the future.



posted by Axel the [25/01/2016]

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11 Comments on “Gazette #5 and shipping”

  1. avatar 11. Sandy said :

    Bonjour à tous,

    Nous venons de recevoir la gazette n°5, elle sera expédiée en Europe la semaine prochaine.

    Toutes nos excuses pour le retard !!


  2. avatar 10. McJakub said :

    So if #4 is delaued what happens to next issues?

  3. avatar 9. Ouaam76 said :

    Dommage mais tant pis, je me suis ré-abonner quand même pour profiter à fond de cette excellente gazette !!

    Et pis comme ça, j’aurais eu tous les N°… 🙂

  4. avatar 8. dafrca said :

    Never mind, I am wrong, it is now open. I could have sworn it was showing out of stock when I looked at it before. Silly me.

  5. avatar 7. dafrca said :

    The above says you will reopen the subscriptions for #5-#8 until March. But it shows out of stock in the store. How do you add the subscription?

  6. avatar 6. Dan Buman said :

    Sounds like a plan. Thanks for the reply Axel.

  7. avatar 5. Axel said :

    Pour les derniers numéros, ils seront disponibles sur la boutique, vendu numéro par numéro. Nous n’ouvrirons pas d’abonnement 6 à 8 ou 7 à 8.

    For the last issues, we will sell them one by one on our webstore. We won’t open subscription #6 to #8 or #7 to #8.

  8. avatar 4. Dan Buman said :

    Sorry to hear that!

    My subscription ends with #5. Can I subscribe for issues #6-8?

  9. avatar 3. lex-talionis said :

    Dommage, je trouvais le format excellent. Pour ceux comme moi dont l’abonnement se terminera avant la 8° gazette, que doit-on faire pour avoir les derniers numeros ?

  10. avatar 2. dafrca said :

    Sorry to hear of the issues, but I still look forward to the Gazette #5 anyway. 🙂

  11. avatar 1. duc-bourgogne said :

    Dommage je trouvais que c’était vraiment un gros gros plus que vous aviez vraiment innové avec cette gazette