Heroes of Normandie 2.0 limited supply drop!

Hello soldiers,

The shipments for Europe are done! England will have to be brave and wait a little longer. The products that need to be delivered to the dispatcher in the UK is having a little trouble reaching their main objective. Indeed as you may know, the Brexit has made all transfers of goods much more arduous. That’s why we are sorry to warn you that the distribution of the BRO will be delayed for you because of the complicated paperwork. But we’re not forgetting you, far from it soldier!

For Europe, we put on sale on our website what is left of wave 1.
Beware, there are few copies!

Due to the significant increase in shipping costs, we have been forced to send our production from our China factory in several shipments. A second wave of products will arrive at the end of April and will be available on our website.


Click Here to see the products

Here is the list of available products and their quantity:

  • Heroes of Normandie Big Red One Edition – Core Box FR X50
  • Heroes of Normandie Big Red One Edition – Core Box ENG X50
  • Battle-Pack Bloody Omaha FR-ENG X100
  • Mode Solo FR X50
  • Mode Solo ENG X50
  • More Bacon #1 X100
  • HoN Core Box Upgrade Pack FR X50
  • HoN Core Box Upgrade Pack ENG X50
  • War Stories #0 Fury X200
  • War Stories #1 Otto Carius X100
  • Game Elements Storage Box X50
  • American Storage Army Box X50
  • German Storage Army Box X50
  • Battlegrounds Storage Box X50

posted by yann the [31/03/2022]

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5 Comments on “Heroes of Normandie 2.0 limited supply drop!”

  1. avatar 5. word wipe said :

    Reçu aujourd’hui. Magnifique édition, super boulot…

  2. avatar 4. Napiri said :

    I’m still waiting to receive the Kickstarter in Italy…
    I received the tracking number on march the 28th from Surfing Meeple and then nothing.
    Any news?

  3. avatar 3. Renaat said :

    Well, imagine living in Europe and getting the response, after asking : ’Maybe, next week you’ll get your order’. That’s the week starting with April 11th … So, I wouldn’t exactly say that shipments for Europe are done…

  4. avatar 2. Ivan Boscaro said :

    …ouch… Poor fellas!!!

    Send them a convoy of Liberty Ships full of Heroes System Products, ASAP!!!


  5. avatar 1. Gobishisan said :

    When will the shipments arrive in the United States for the American Kickstarters?