Heroes of Normandie Big Red One Edition Kickstarter pre-launch

Hello Soldiers! Heroes of Normandie: Big Red One edition is coming to Kickstarter on March 9th! Learn more about the campaign here and make sure to subscribe to the newsletter to help us unlock new content before the launch!

2049 Soldiers

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posted by yann the [16/02/2021]

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167 Comments on “Heroes of Normandie Big Red One Edition Kickstarter pre-launch”

  1. avatar 167. Degraide Julien said :

    Vivement histoire de compléter la collection !!!!

  2. avatar 166. Roguetrader said :

    Vamos muy bien. ¿Se sabe algo del modo solitario?

  3. avatar 165. lloegyr said :

    Je souhaite savoir un mode Solo est prévu dans cette campagne, ainsi qu’une armé” Française comme la 2ème DB ?

  4. avatar 164. verole said :

    encore attendre !!!!! déjà envie d’y jouer !!! merde pour le Kickstarter !

  5. avatar 163. iroquois said :

    Bonne m…. pour ce nouveau Kickstarter que j’attends avec impatience (vivement un peut être futur projet sur la bataille de Berlin)

  6. avatar 162. Ray Gaer said :

    See I on the battlefield!

  7. avatar 161. Gedson said :

    D day is coming

  8. avatar 160. Dan Buman said :

    Hit the beach!!

  9. avatar 159. Barde said :

    A tester 🙂

  10. avatar 158. Patrick De Roo said :

    i love the game 🙂

  11. avatar 157. Guerveno said :

    plus que 6 jours à tenir !!!

  12. avatar 156. Plunder said :

    Moi je me suis là uniquement pour gagner la participation gratuite…mais quand on pe dite “inscris toi pour gagner le pledge gratuit”, je ne vois aucun endroit qui en parle ici ou autre part !!!!
    Bof! de la pub quoi !

  13. avatar 155. Cordier said :

    Salut alors c est pour quand cette superbe boîte bravo les super cochons

  14. avatar 154. Alain Debonne said :

    Vite vite le 9 mars

  15. avatar 153. Lerigoleur Dimitri said :

    Est-ce qu il y aura un mode solo ?

  16. avatar 152. Gedson said :

    Bring it on

  17. avatar 151. papoux said :

    go !!

  18. avatar 150. Jost Pierre-Yves said :

    Vivement le retour

  19. avatar 149. Pit said :

    I keep my fingers crossed!

  20. avatar 148. Tipumax said :

    Fan depuis le début de l’aventure, je suis impatient !!!

  21. avatar 147. Jowel said :

    Alors là, chapeau les Cochons. J’avoue que je n’y croyais pas trop. Magnifique pré-campagne!

  22. avatar 146. Foch94 said :

    C’est fait ! On a pris les bunkers !

  23. avatar 145. Eli Curren said :

    HEROES OF NORMANDIE BIG RED ONE EDITION looks like the amazing. I own SoN and HoB, and I love them both. I’m glad I waited to get HoN because BIG RED ONE EDITION is a must have.

  24. avatar 144. bartdevuyst said :

    @Fenvarien All older content is fully compatible with this new edition! Mix & mach to your heart’s desire!

  25. avatar 143. Bryan Lash said :


  26. avatar 142. Pâtes & Riz said :

    Seems to be great !

  27. avatar 141. LAurent said :

    Super impatient

  28. avatar 140. Freddie Duran said :

    Looks cool.

  29. avatar 139. Eric Laplante said :

    Looks fantastic!

  30. avatar 138. Walter Bledsaw said :

    I always wanted to get my hands on them Damn Nazis!

  31. avatar 137. Seb said :

    Great, keep me posted

  32. avatar 136. Morci said :

    It would be amazing to have as a pledge the tradition of the regulation books and the scenarios, as well as the cards.

  33. avatar 135. Fenvarien said :

    Hi DPG! Is it possible to use the old content but using the new updated rules? I will back this project for sure but I am wondering if it will be possible to use all the old units and mix everything together to have a great pool of units and create own scenarios. Or is this game a new era and some old content would be rereleased? Thanks in advance for clarifying this issue :-).

  34. avatar 134. Elco said :

    Yeah, we shall fight on the beaches we shall fight on the landing grounds we shall fight in the fields and in the streets we shall fight in the hills we shall never surrender?
    Lets rock!!!

  35. avatar 133. Doug said :

    Looking forward to it!

  36. avatar 132. Thierry D said :

    Vivement le KS 🙂

  37. avatar 131. Scott Maynard said :

    Can’t wait!

  38. avatar 130. Stefan Karlegärd said :

    Look great!

  39. avatar 129. Amiral thrawn said :

    Excellente nouvelle sur ce KS !

  40. avatar 128. Phil said :

    Looks amazing. Still treasure the signed copy of Heroes of Normandie I bought from you guys at Essen 2014.

  41. avatar 127. Sox said :

    Et le camembert de Normandie hein ? Y’en aura dans la boîte ?

  42. avatar 126. Kespy Pierre said :

    Super cool j’adore la version de Patrick Receveur. Celle ci est très complémentaire.

  43. avatar 125. John P. said :

    This looks awesome. Solo rules? Yes, please.
    And if I win the All-In Pledge, I’ll be DPG’s best friend for life! 🙂

  44. avatar 124. Pierre-Yves Jost said :

    Impatient de voir la suite !

  45. avatar 123. James Berglund said :

    Great. I’ve been waiting on a new KS to jump on.

  46. avatar 122. Jeffrey Wright said :

    Can’t wait!

  47. avatar 121. Patrick BARROYER said :

    Possède Cthulhu Edition, avec des méchants nazis en plus ce sera cool.

  48. avatar 120. Matt C said :

    Have the first edition of this epic game. Really excited for the update

  49. avatar 119. ROSEBUD said :

    C’est joli, ça fait envie !

  50. avatar 118. David said :

    I would love to win all in pledge, that would perfect

  51. avatar 117. Allen Sam said :

    Not sure if it’s feasible to have an upgrade pack for those who own the first edition.

  52. avatar 116. slyfox said :

    The upcoming Kickstarter is a great opportunity to include Heroes of Stalingrad errata and new content. Hope @DPG will include both.

  53. avatar 115. James Holden said :

    Any chance of solo rules?

  54. avatar 114. Eric Zimmer said :

    Solo rules World Ruhe!

  55. avatar 113. kalin said :

    Hi DPG,
    I’m looking forward to this new project 🙂

    Kind Regards

  56. avatar 112. Enzo P. said :

    We Will stand!!!

  57. avatar 111. Cauquil Lionel said :

    A la guerre mes petits cochons!!!

  58. avatar 110. christophe denis said :

    Bonjour oui un mode solo-coop comme Coh ( Compagnie of heroes que j’attends avec impatiente ) serais le bienvenu pour finalisé ce Kickstater.

  59. avatar 109. Chris Gabrielson said :

    Looking good!

  60. avatar 108. Cordier said :

    Salut hate d avoir ce nouveau jeu très beau travail Devil Pig cordialement Claude Cordier.

  61. avatar 107. Twane33 said :

    Thanks to you soldiers, a new pre-launch stretch goal unlocked! Let’s take these bunkers guys 😉

  62. avatar 106. Tony Oliver said :

    Must say that I do like the new graphics too – with the slightly larger soldiers & weapons bring it on!

  63. avatar 105. Tony Oliver said :

    totally agree with all those that would like solo rules add me to it!

  64. avatar 104. Nigel Doughty said :

    Solo rules would be fantastic.

  65. avatar 103. Brian Toler said :

    +1 For solo rules!

  66. avatar 102. Roguetrader said :

    I need solo mode too.

  67. avatar 101. Alex81 said :

    +1 for solo modus

  68. avatar 100. frerotg said :

    Let’s GO !!

  69. avatar 99. Axe said :

    Ça sera sûrement compliqué pour ce kickstarter. Mais je me joint à la demande. C’est vraiment un mode à développer. Avec une bonne mécanique ça serait magnifique.

  70. avatar 98. Broun said :

    Je vois qu’il y a en d’autres qui sont demandeurs d’un bon mode solo ;), je pense également qu’il s’agit désormais d’un critère déterminant pour la réussite d’un kickstarter, même si le sel du jeu réside dans des affrontements entre joueurs.

  71. avatar 97. Tyler Dax said :

    +1 for Solo, that would skyrocket your Sales for sure 🙂

    Have a look at the Solo-Expansion for “Conflict of Heroes” by Academy Games as an inspiration.

  72. avatar 96. Mark75 said :

    A solo variant would improve very much the existing great game, especially in pandemic times. Think about it…

  73. avatar 95. ricvandyke said :

    Adding a Solo Mechanic for the game system would really be great. Even just some solo scenarios would be much appreciated!! Thanks much and keep up the great work!

  74. avatar 94. JEFF LUPTOWSKI said :

    I hope that it does not take as long as it did for HOS to get the big red one game

  75. avatar 93. Henry Alexander Achilles said :

    Looks Great!
    Need Kursk, Bulge and Berlin????
    Let me know when?

  76. avatar 92. Verole said :

    Génial comme à chaque fois !!!! Merci les cochons !

  77. avatar 91. slyfox said :

    @DPG Will you include more Heroes of Stalingrad content with the upcoming Kickstarter?

  78. avatar 90. Axe said :

    It’s a protection for all unit’s class. And it works only in one side of de seewall (Yann’s quote on french forum)

  79. avatar 89. Yannick Poupart said :

    Magnifique! Je le veux!

  80. avatar 88. Alex81 said :

    On the sea wall is a new symbol in green.

  81. avatar 87. Boidin clement said :

    Ah je l attend celui ci <3

  82. avatar 86. Dufourd said :


  83. avatar 85. eric said :

    Bon ben clairement je préfère le design de la première édition. Ca m’arrange, je vais rester dessus et laisser tomber la nouvelle (et puis vu le temps mis par les anciens KS pour arriver…) !

  84. avatar 84. bartdevuyst said :

    @Andrew F
    The new edition will be very polished as it benefits from years of polish, improvements and developments also seen in Heroes of Stalingrad and Heroes of Black Reach.

  85. avatar 83. Andrew F said :

    I was really intrigued by the first edition, but grew frustrated with the printing errors, typos, and other mistakes so I sold it off, despite liking the core mechanics. Will the new edition be more polished than the first?

  86. avatar 82. Patrick De Roo said :

    let it come 🙂

  87. avatar 81. tom Depoorter said :

    he ho lets go

  88. avatar 80. Ian said :

    Looks great!

  89. avatar 79. Scott Demianiw said :

    Looking forward to it!

  90. avatar 78. Maxime Bouquillion said :

    Go go!

  91. avatar 77. Basile said :

    1) Yes. We actually delayed the start of the BRO Kickstarter because we wanted to ship everything we had to first (P500, Hobr Blood moon ect)
    2) Also yes. One of the goal of the BRO is better and simpler rules
    3) And yes they will

  92. avatar 76. Aldaron said :

    I’m tempted but would expect a few things to be addressed:

    (1) It will actually be delivered

    (2) The sloppy and confused writing and organization of the rules will finally be addressed

    (3) A searchable PDF of the rules will be made available for download

  93. avatar 75. Andrew J Franke said :

    Let’s Go!

  94. avatar 74. Basile said :

    Pardon mais la question n’est pas claire. Pouvez vous reformulez?

  95. avatar 73. Lerigoleur said :

    Est-ce que vous avez prévu dans la campagne un pledge ou on avoir toutes les boîtes, les ancienne éditions, rééditées ?

  96. avatar 72. Patrice Dumas said :

    Never got into this game because of the amount of stuff for it. This i a great opportunity to start.

  97. avatar 71. Axe said :

    We see only one face of the terrain. The other face will be stretchgoal on kickstarter according to Yann’s message on the forum. It’s seems that the éléments are directly print on the map. We don’t know yet if there will be unit like engeneers and festung unit like in d-day pack.

  98. avatar 70. Basile said :

    Yes, everything is different, it’s one big special scenario but the tiles will be fully compatible with the ones of DDAY

  99. avatar 69. Lynyrd said :

    The Pre-Launch Stretch Goal seems pretty similar to the D-Day Scenario Pack Maps from 2014. Is there any difference?

  100. avatar 68. Alex81 said :

    Ich denke nicht das wir eine deutsche Version bekommen. Der letzte Verlag war der “Schwerkraft Verlag” und bei HOS haben wir auch keine deutsche Version bekommen und das wird jetzt leider auch der Fall sein.

  101. avatar 67. Basile said :

    Not for the moment

  102. avatar 66. Purple10tacle said :

    Will there also be a German translation of the rules?

  103. avatar 65. Lars said :

    Will there also be a German rule book?

  104. avatar 64. Broun said :

    Salut les cochons, je ne comprends pas pourquoi il n’y a pas plus de vidéos promotionnelles/de gameplay de vos jeux, j’ai récemment joué avec un ami à HoN et il m’a dit “comment se fait-il que je ne découvre ce jeu fabuleux que maintenant ?”, je l’avais renvoyé vers l’explipartie de Tric-Trac. Mais depuis lors aucune partie mise en ligne par ses auteurs… Ca demande évidemment du temps à y consacrer, mais sans cela il restera trop méconnu du grand public des amateurs de wargames, et ce nouveau Kickstarter doit être l’occasion d’y remédier. A bon entendeur 🙂

  105. avatar 63. yann said :

    Yes 100%

  106. avatar 62. Lars said :

    Hello. Will the game be compatible with the first version? Thank you

  107. avatar 61. Axe said :

    I think that you will have no choice. It will be only on kickstarter before realeasing on store. After that you will have the choice. But maybe not for “kickstarter only” items

  108. avatar 60. moeties007 said :

    i do not like to order true kickstarter anymore (black lives matters) they do not have to do politics.
    how can i order it ? thanks guys.

  109. avatar 59. Axe said :

    Effectivement j’aurais pu me donner la réponse tout seul 😀 je rate pas l’occasion avec une question si mal posée. Mais je l’ai mieux posé ailleur et le grand maître Yann m’a répondu ;-P

  110. avatar 58. Moomer said :

    @ Axe

  111. avatar 57. Axe said :

    Les tuiles ont elles deux faces?

  112. avatar 56. JulienPods said :

    Trés bonne nouvelle que cette V2 surtout si elle est complètement compatible avec la V1!!
    C’est toujours dommage de devoir mettre toute une gamme de côté car une V2 sort…
    Bon courage pour la suite 🙂

  113. avatar 55. Basile said :

    We are working on additionnal content but we can’t at the moment what it’s gonna be.

  114. avatar 54. Mark Harrison said :

    I really like this game and have collected most of the collection.
    I hope there will be an option to upgrade what I already have rather than simply replace it?

    Is than an opportunity to expand the game with scenario boxes such as A Bridge too Far Nijmegen and Arnhem, or other battles on the road to berlin?

    Even an expansion for North Africa or the Pacific?

    All these extensions are planned for the future.
    But for the moment we are out of our basic box and in front of the demand we have decided to reissue it. There will be a lot of good things for you in this Kickstarter we think of everyone.

  115. avatar 53. Broun said :

    @beleg, je pense que Gaffophone veut savoir si ce kickstarter permettra d’obtenir des éléments de la gamme précédente. Je présume que non et que ce qui sera proposé sera nouveau.

  116. avatar 52. beleg01 said :

    Hello Gafophone.
    Si tu lis bien cette page de présentation, il est noté : cette boîte est entièrement compatible avec l’ensemble de la gamme.

  117. avatar 51. Basile said :

    Here you can find all the available products of SoN: https://www.devil-pig-games.com/en/categorie/shadows-over-normandie/
    I can also tell we got some Shadows hunters back in stock for really soon

  118. avatar 50. marcelkrischok said :

    Hey Devil Pigs! First I want to say, I really love your games – I just started to play “Shadows over Normandie” a few weeks ago and I’m having a blast! 🙂 But it’s very hard for me to find out which expansions and extras are still available for this game. Also, there was an errata sheet for some SoN-tokens some time ago – but it’s sold out everywhere… 🙁
    It’s not good support for your products, when those fixed parts are not available anymore. I understand that you can’t have an unlimited amount of those parts, but maybe you should think about the possibility to re-print them in the future. Never the less, I will be probably take a look at the Kickstarter campaign 😉

  119. avatar 49. Gaffophone said :

    Est-ce que cette campagne à venir permettra également de pendre les éléments des précédentes pour quelqu’un qui n’aurait rien pour le moment ?
    Merci d’avance et je vous souhaite une bonne réussite !

  120. avatar 48. Twane33 said :

    Hello everyone!
    First, let us say thank you for your support and your comments. Some are you are concerned because of the last campaigns that are still not delivered: P500, HoBR and A Pig Back From Hell. We understand and we are keeping you updated about the delivery of these 3 campaigns here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1538673930/a-pig-back-from-hell/posts
    As you can see in the last update, delivery for our EU soldiers will begin during February. As for the rest of our soldiers around the World, unfortunately, the games didn’t leave the factory before Chinese New Year. We are doing our best to accelerate the process but like the rest of the publishers, we suffered from the situation in the world. Just know soldiers that everything is on track for the delivery and you can find all the news about it each month on the A Pig Back From Hell updates or in the news here.
    For any concern, feel free to open a ticket with our customer service (Basile). We will answer you as quick as possible: https://www.devil-pig-games.com/en/contact/
    Thank you for your trust, your patience, take care of you soldiers.
    Devil Pig Team –

  121. avatar 47. Cordier said :

    Salut à toutes l équipe on attend la big one merci encore pour Stalingrad à bientôt cordialement Claude Cordier.

  122. avatar 46. Neonblue said :

    Given the fact that this will be “fully compatible” (Don’t disappoint please!) with all the previous HoN stuff I’m interested.

  123. avatar 45. Joshua Campbell said :

    Me wants it!

  124. avatar 44. Nico said :

    I want it

  125. avatar 43. Percy said :

    Taïaut ! Tous à l’assaut !

  126. avatar 42. darkbeo_70 said :

    Trop hâte. une nouvelle page historique de la WW2 va se matérialiser sur nos table de jeu.

  127. avatar 41. Joe Iwinski said :

    This will be by far the best add-on yet

  128. avatar 40. JonPinder said :

    I don’t care what happened before – I love Heroes of Normandie! It is just a ton of fun!

  129. avatar 39. Jeffrey Luptowski said :

    As of right now, I can honestly not committo another Devil Pig kickstarter even though it looks good, it took almost 2 years to HOS, I still have two (2) orders that have not been filled, one from April of 2019 and one from 2020. I am almost tempted to cancel my orders and get a refund.
    From a Disappointed customer

  130. avatar 38. xpl0de said :


    Unfortunately, the UK market for this great game has been destroyed by the UK Brexit decision. So thanks to Boris I now have higher postage, potential customs duty at an unknown rate at the point of entry, %20 VAT and a shippers surcharge. I will see what the cost is, but I think for this game the entante cordial is over.
    plus ça change

  131. avatar 37. xpl0de said :


  132. avatar 36. Agustin J said :

    Habrá envíos a Mexico??

  133. avatar 35. tom Depoorter said :

    big Red one go in

  134. avatar 34. Jérémy STEINKE said :

    Je ferai partie de la première vague d’assaut !

  135. avatar 33. Jean-Nicolas Gauthier said :

    Bang bang bang!

  136. avatar 32. Amalrian said :

    en avant

  137. avatar 31. Paul Gelder said :

    Need to see P&P price to the UK.

  138. avatar 30. Billa2720 said :

    Thanks for letting us know far enough in advance so I can set some money aside.

  139. avatar 29. Ardennix said :

    Merci pour ce jeu historique et fantastique

  140. avatar 28. Joshua Hart said :


  141. avatar 27. Jason said :

    Devil Pig I am very interested in this project but will not support it unless the P500s and Pig Back from Hell products are delivered before the project closes. I cannot responsibly give you any more money until your current obligations have been fulfilled.

  142. avatar 26. Atomic Gerbil said :

    Can’t wait 👍

  143. avatar 25. Mike said :

    Some welcome good news, bravo.

  144. avatar 24. Max said :

    And when will you deliver this?!?! 2025? Im still waiting for my drop pods!

  145. avatar 23. Solkan said :

    Présent depuis le début pour soutenir la cause.

  146. avatar 22. Hank Kim said :

    Ok. Once more unto the breach, or is that beach?

  147. avatar 21. Charlo said :

    J’ai du reporter mom voyage en France l’annee derniere, donc pour l’instant ce nouveau jeu suffira! J’espere trouver des Rangers pour franchir les barrages!
    I did visit the Normandy Beaches in 2011, including the Point du Hoc and the Vierville and Colleville exits

  148. avatar 20. Eric LE BRAS said :

    Bon courage pour la campagne de cette nouvelle version.

  149. avatar 19. Blake said :

    Really excited to see this project! Can’t wait to learn more about the changes, and buy a responsible amount of content 🙂

  150. avatar 18. Andrew J Franke said :

    I cannot wait for this to come out.

  151. avatar 17. Chip said :

    I can feel the sand in my toes.

  152. avatar 16. Alain Debonne said :

    Impatient de tester cette nouvelle édition

  153. avatar 15. Private Fred said :


    Et n’oubliez pas avant de lancer les dés… un peu de sang froid !

  154. avatar 14. Kos said :

    Yes, yes and yes…. let’s roll.

  155. avatar 13. Fourage Bernard said :


  156. avatar 12. Gedson said :

    Very excited for this.

  157. avatar 11. Brady Hill said :

    Let’s roll

  158. avatar 10. Cergorach said :

    The email says “Discover what’s new in the game and how the campaign starts actually NOW!”. I’m missing on this page what’s actually new in the game beyond New Scenarios and fine tuned rules…

    I would like to know what changes to the rules there are, what new scenario’s, what component changes, etc. Why would I want to have another starter set. Make a sales pitch instead of a hype train…

    ps. I’m trooper #36

  159. avatar 9. Chris S said :

    Does anyone know where the nearest barbers is?

  160. avatar 8. Jeff Peters said :

    Lets go!

  161. avatar 7. Dan Buman said :

    Ready to hit the beach!

  162. avatar 6. mobilum said :

    Je suis avec vous les gars, j’ai pris les Bangalore avec moi, ça pourrait servir…

  163. avatar 5. John weiland said :

    I’m registered

  164. avatar 4. 1CC Stan said :

    Zigzagant sur la plage pour entendre plus longtemps le doux chant des MG42 !

  165. avatar 3. buqbuq said :

    I’m just landing!

  166. avatar 2. Axe said :

    We see you on the beach!

  167. avatar 1. bartdevuyst said :