Heroes of Stalingrad Dispatch News 01/17/2020

Hello fellow soldiers!

#Fulfillment timeline
US: -> 99% completed. The only unshipped ones are ones that had address changes and were returned after failed delivery attempts.
EU: -> Fulfillment completed.
Asia : -> Fulfillment completed.
Australia: -> Fulfillment is expected to begin February.
Canada: -> Games are being prepared to be sent from our factory to our fulfillment partner Lion Rampant.
In case you didn’t receive your pledge and your area is indicated as completed for the fulfillment, please send an email to sav@devil-pig-games.com
We will answer you as quickly as possible, please be patient about the delay.
#In case you didn’t pay your shipping costs:
You will soon receive a request to pay your delivery charges for Heroes of Stalingrad. It takes a little time to set up, again, please be patient. We are first focusing backers who had delivery problems.
Devil Pig Team is present on social media! If you have any question, feel free to send us a message we will answer you as soon as possible!
Thank you for your support and your patience through this campaign.
At ease soldiers!

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2 Comments on “Heroes of Stalingrad Dispatch News 01/17/2020”

  1. avatar 2. SimonD said :

    Des nouvelles pour le Canada? Ça fait un mois depuis l’annonce que “Les jeux sont en cours de préparation pour être envoyés de notre usine à notre partenaire Lion Rampant.”

  2. avatar 1. NetDuke said :

    When can we expect help from your support each time I contact you. Your response is to type to a different kind of email and then I don’t hear anything back.