Heroes of Stalingrad Dispatch News


Following the discussions on the forum and in order to clarify the situation, we would like to inform you that we are currently in the process of dispatching Heroes of Stalingrad for delivery.

Here are the two cases to be addressed to us:

– people who have changed their address.
– people who have not finished filling out the pledge manager and / or pay the shipping costs.

-> Please send us all this information by email to the following address sav@devil-pig-games.com
In advance, we thank you for your patience and ask you not to increase the number of requests.

-> We will process all your emails in order at the end of the dispatch. This will take time, but we will process all cases starting with address changes.

Excellent end of day soldiers!

posted by yann the [11/12/2019]

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17 Comments on “Heroes of Stalingrad Dispatch News”

  1. avatar 17. VA-Norm said :


    A lot of beautiful content.
    Very well packed too.

    It was a marathon.

  2. avatar 16. David Harris said :

    I have paid the extra shipping charge some time ago and I’m still waiting for my game. I am aware of the current crisis but I’ve heard nothing at all. Is there any intent for Devil Pig games to actually send my game or am I just being ripped off? This is now beyond a joke.

  3. avatar 15. VA-Norm said :

    Two more months have passed, and still nothing from Devil Pig. Now presumably the virus will be their next excuse.

    Will I have mine a year later than everyone else got their year-late deliveries? Now should be at least a time to communicate.

    I know wargame companies are generally one step up from hobbyist operations, but this level of performance is ridiculous.

  4. avatar 14. Waxime said :

    allo vous ne pouvez pas vendre stalingrade sans que tout le monde le recoivent

  5. avatar 13. Andrew said :


    Still waiting for some information on my order. Payed in full and emailed and have still heard nothing. Is it just US and Europe to get there games and the rest of us forgotten?

  6. avatar 12. VA-Norm said :

    I’m not sure how long “dispatch” should take, but I have yet to get even an acknowledgment of my response to this announcement.

    As lack of communication has been part of the problem, could we get some kind of progress report or estimate?

  7. avatar 11. Waxime said :

    merci simonD de ton soutien je demeure patient

  8. avatar 10. SimonD said :

    Salut Waxime,
    Pour le Québec, t’es pas le seul a ne pas avoir de nouvelles de la livraison… Moi aussi j’ai aucun détail. comme tu dis, certaines boutiques ont déjà les produits en ventes. Je demeure patient.

  9. avatar 9. Cornstar said :

    Hi, I didn’t receive HoS either, despite no changes in address and all paid in full in 2018… I’ve sent you guys an email as well with my details… Cheers, Martijn

  10. avatar 8. Monty said :

    Hi Guys

    I have not received Heroes of Stalingrad yet…not heard anything about shipping dates.
    Paid shipping months ago and filled out pledge manager.

    What should I do as others in the UK have recived their game.


  11. avatar 7. Waxime said :

    bonjour a tous je ne sais pas ou écrire mon adresse n’a pas changer tout est payer même les frais de port j’habite au Québec et j’ai pas de nouvelle concernant la livraison. Se qui me fait m’interroger, il y a un magasin a 2h00 de route de chez moi qui lui a 2 exemplaires en magasin.Merci d’avance et joyeuse fête.

  12. avatar 6. David Harris said :

    Email sent, nothing received but I see that others near me have their game.

  13. avatar 5. Andrew White said :

    Any news on dispatch dates for Australia please?

  14. avatar 4. voxer said :

    Thanks, i will do.

  15. avatar 3. Nostradunwhich said :

    Dispatch is not yet finished. Wait until the end of fulfillment is announced.

  16. avatar 2. Robert Thomson said :

    I have not received my order as of 12 December 2019.
    Is it delayed or is there a problem. A friend has had his for 2 weeks approx.
    Regards R. Thomson

  17. avatar 1. voxer said :

    dear devil pigs, I have not yet received my order. however, I have checked all the data and it says that everything is properly paid and arranged. I also returned my address neatly the first time. I also did not receive any mail from shipment. can you see that my order is still coming? love to hear from you.