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Heroes of Stalingrad : Only 6 hours

Only 6 hours left to participate to the Heroes of Stalingrad campaign on Kickstarter!

Get the core box, the sniper duel and the 15 stretch-goals unlocked (gift value: 70€)!

New heroes and units, sewer modular system, aircrafts, the factory…

Beware! Some stretch-goals are exclusive to this campaign!


Kickstarter campaign: https://goo.gl/HRquhs

posted by Raphael the [05/04/2018]

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2 Comments on “Heroes of Stalingrad : Only 6 hours”

  1. avatar 2. Lewster55 said :

    Looking forward to this!

  2. avatar 1. wolfsolite said :

    aller 125 000 un tout petit stretch suprise 🙂 je se pas un senario avec les égout, usine , les avion nimporte quoi un petit senario bonus pour notre beau travaille 🙂