“A shot fired is being heard”

Wow! That was a close one… Greetings newbies !

Welcome to the Eastern Front, here you see… Another bullet pierce the sky We have a little infestation of some special birds. But dont you worry, you’re our new falconer!

In the ruins of Stalingrad, snipers were dueling each others in mortal fights atop the rubbles and ruined houses. Join one of those challenges, will you be the hunter or the hunted?

Download the Sniper scenario

posted by yann the [11/06/2021]

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  1. avatar 6. Kingprawn said :

    Nice to have something that includes the Snipers, for sure. Two things though: I’m having a real hard time finding a rule for the “Heroic” special ability (I assume that should have been in the Battlegrounds rules sheet, but it is not), and I’m guessing that should any of a Sniper’s counters take a Firing action the others cannot for the remainder of the round… otherwise with that “Opportunistic Fire” option Konig could be popping off 5 units a round.

  2. avatar 5. Guillermorx said :

    Hi! Great scenario! Where can I find the sniper’s counters and recruitment tiles? I didn’t find it in the Core Stalingrad box.


  3. avatar 4. Gobishisan said :

    Thank you. I’m new to your games and are the downloaded units and maps to be reprinted on hard stock paper or are they included in the core game HoS.

  4. avatar 3. leo said :

    Great scenario! Would be even greater, if there were some HEROES OF STALINGRAD BATTLE PACK to buy again in stock!

  5. avatar 2. slyfox said :

    Looks great. Thank you!

  6. avatar 1. beleg01 said :

    Je viens de découvrir le Scénario “Sniper”.
    Je ne pourrai le télécharger quet ce soir… Après mon travail.
    Mais je sens déjà l’ambiance du film “Stalingrad”… C’est bon ça !