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HoBR – Bad Moons Preview



Updated on 01/04/2019: various corrections on punchboards

“While Warboss Skarblitz disembarks on Black Reach with his Bad Moons to participate in the battle (and maybe taking advantage of the first opportunity to take power of the Waaagh), Goff Meks finish the Stompa’s assembly…”

After the Battleground Set preview, we’ll now show you the 3 punchboards of the Bad Moons blister, also available in the upcoming pre-order.


I’ll let you discover these troops, joining the ranks of the Bad Moon clan under command of Warboss Skarblitz, as well as the Stompa, the first Titan in the range!

Next to these three punchboards, this expansion also contains a set of 10 Order Tokens and 2 dice in the Bad Moon clan colors.

posted by gduprez the [30/03/2019]

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12 Comments on “HoBR – Bad Moons Preview”

  1. avatar 12. Brad said :

    So is there any chance at getting this if we missed the preorder window?

  2. avatar 11. Quickle said :

    @gduprez Well gee, that makes perfect sense! Thanks 🙂

  3. avatar 10. gduprez said :

    @Quickle: Because even if we would like to, we can’t assume that all players will buy all the products in the range. 😉

  4. avatar 9. Quickle said :

    Why does the set include a Bad Moons initiative marker (first image, bottom left) when the Orks Reinforcement set already includes one? I get that this is the Bad Moons standalone expansion, but it’s still duplicated.

  5. avatar 8. Nigel said :

    I feel a Waaagh coming on

  6. avatar 7. Colhammer said :

    Not what I was expecting, but I’ll take it!

  7. avatar 6. clem said :

    Swishtail : the Big Shoota acan take a hit before being eliminated, not the buggy.

  8. avatar 5. gduprez said :

    @Santerre: c’est exact. On va corriger ça. Merci pour le retour.

  9. avatar 4. Santerre said :

    Hello. Il y a un souci au dos du Big boss Bad Moon: le signe du clan Goff au lieu du Bad Moon.

  10. avatar 3. dafrca said :

    The Grot Tanks and Mega Tank are quite a fun addition to the Orks. 🙂

  11. avatar 2. Swishtail said :

    Looks great! Shouldn’t the warbuggy cost more that the big shoota? It has essentially the same firepower, with better armor and mobility. Yes, it can’t take advantage of terrrain as well or assault… Okay, maybe I’ve answered my own question.

  12. avatar 1. Dred ZeRed said :

    Ouh Fichtre! Ya du lourd qui s’aligne côté peau-vertes en jaune 😉