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HoBR – Battleground Set #1 Preview



Updated on 01/04/2019: various corrections on punchboards

“Orks continuously reinforce their positions to control the communication lines. Furthermore, their primitive fort allows them to assemble their war machines with apparent impunity. We must absolutely destroy these strongholds…”

Let’s show you the three terrain boards and three punchboards contained in the Battleground Set proposed in the upcoming pre-order.


These terrain boards and terrain elements allow various Ork Wall settings, representing tactical challenges for Captain Sicarius’ Ultramarines.

  • This product allows you to either build:
    A road of 3 terrain boards long,
    Or a canal of the same length,
    Or a road of 2 terrain boards long crossing a canal of 2 terrain boards long.
    Or a T-shaped crossroad of 2 terrain boards long and 1 terrain board wide.
    Or a T-shaped canal junction of 2 terrain boards long and 1 terrain board wide.

Obviously, you can even get two Battleground Sets and multiply the amount of possibilities!!! 😉

You’ll also get a Tellyporta; an Ork invention which teleports units from one point to another on the planet, or from vessels in orbit. Its destruction will undoubtedly be the Space Marines’ priority, halting the massive stream of green skin reinforcements.

posted by gduprez the [29/03/2019]

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13 Comments on “HoBR – Battleground Set #1 Preview”

  1. avatar 13. 3blatant said :


  2. avatar 12. clem said :

    Sorry, right side.

  3. avatar 11. clem said :

    Yes, this a gate. See first punchboard, left side, the overlay in the middle.

  4. avatar 10. Eclo said :

    Great, nice work. This will give so much possibilities for creating maps and scenarios.

    BTW the first tile, is that supposed to be a gate or something ? I don’t understand why you would want such a hole in a defensive wall.

  5. avatar 9. Varnster501 said :

    Looks awesome, defo be ordering 2 sets

  6. avatar 8. MFAhriman said :

    Looking great! I blame the pigs for getting me back into 40k 🙂

  7. avatar 7. Colhammer said :

    Looks great!

  8. avatar 6. GussMuss said :

    Nice Work !!!!
    Hâte de pouvoir commander 😉

  9. avatar 5. dafrca said :

    @Dred ZeRed : Clearly we both have fallen victim to the taint of Chaos. LOL

  10. avatar 4. dafrca said :

    A Tellyporta??? Nasty.

    And to suggest some of us are crazy enough to order two sets…. Well of course I am. LOL

  11. avatar 3. thia74 said :

    Que du très bon

  12. avatar 2. Sitrouille said :

    👍 il y a tout ce qu’il faut dans ce set ! Forcément, quand on a deux Castellum Stronghold et qu’on vise des batailles géantes, on se dit que x2 c’est bien 🤪

  13. avatar 1. Dred ZeRed said :

    “Vous pouvez bien entendu prendre 2 Battleground Set pour multiplier encore les possibilités!!! 😉”
    Je soupçonne @gduprez d’être un vil démon démon tentateur, disciple de Slaanesh, voué à nous pousser à succomber à cette incitation impie. :p …

    Et bien c’est réussi!!! ^___^”