HoN – Big Red One Edition postponed by a week

Hello soldiers!

As some of you may have seen, the launch of the Kickstarter campaign Heroes of Normandie – Big Red One Edition has been postponed by one week.

The reason for this postponement is simple. The Devil Pig team does not wish to launch a new Kickstarter campaign unless the majority of the campaign A Pig Back From Hell pledges (P500 and Heroes of Black Reach included) have been delivered or are in the process of being delivered.


Our distributor in Europe has confirmed that all packages for our backers in Europe will be delivered or being delivered by March 9.

#Rest of the World

For the rest of our backers around the world, we are still waiting for a confirmation of departure after the Chinese New Year. As announced in our last update, all games will leave the factory by the end of February for our distributors’ warehouses.

While waiting for the official launch soldiers, we still have to unlock the whole of Omaha Beach!

We are counting on you to sign up for the newsletter to unlock all the pre-launch stretch goals before Tuesday, March 9th!

We’re counting on you!

Devil Pig

posted by Twane33 the [12/02/2021]

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9 Comments on “HoN – Big Red One Edition postponed by a week”

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  2. avatar 8. Mark Crisp said :

    Hi Can someone tell me when I will receive my Pig back from Hell kickstarter.I live in England.

  3. avatar 7. Bikk said :

    Bonjour, il y a une possibilité qu’un jour les cartes v2.0 Commonwealth et Résistance arrive en boutique?

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  5. avatar 5. Dara said :

    Thank You

  6. avatar 4. Silverpaint68 said :

    Merci de l’information. Je pense que c’est une très bonne démarche qui montre que l’équipe DPG veut repartir sur de bonnes bases et éviter les rumeurs de type : “KS pour financer les précédents”.
    On est avec vous !

  7. avatar 3. Broun said :

    Yes, impatient de recevoir mon pledge 🙂

  8. avatar 2. Alex81 said :

    These are really good news. Thank you for the information.

  9. avatar 1. ALDA said :

    Prêt, Chef !