HoN Solo Mode

Hello Soldiers!

Big news, straight from HQ, the Solo mode.. is ready! I mean.. When we say it’s ready it’s more like it was sent in production and joined the rest of the campaign’s elements which are being manufactured at this very moment.

We can then say that the biggest part of the work is done, and the occasion is perfect to go take a look at our nice rule book for the solo mode, already available in pdf!

The veteran team that keeps on churning coal into our Devil Pig’s Pit is already on what’s next. We’ll keep you updated of what’s coming up.

In bonus, here are some pictures of the new dice bags and dices that come with the Big Red One Edition!


Punchboards Preview :


posted by yann the [16/09/2021]

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10 Comments on “HoN Solo Mode”

  1. avatar 10. bestwysch said :

    I am very impressed. Much more than I expected! Where to buy, when to buy? Greetings, Willy.

  2. avatar 9. coudalaportiere said :

    Page 33, il est référencé 2 fois la gazette #7, alors que pour le maquis du Vercors il faudrait référencer la #8.
    Sinon ça promet d’être top tout ça 😉

  3. avatar 8. ycardon said :

    > On vous aime car vous êtes la meilleure communauté qu’on pouvait rêver d’avoir !

    Oui oui, on sait.. c’est un peu gênant 😀

  4. avatar 7. ycardon said :

    Hello les Cochons !
    (Vous avez un petit bug sur la page française: deux fois le même texte, mais c’est vraiment pas grave)
    De saines lectures en perspective 🙂

  5. avatar 6. Broun said :

    Super les cochons, hâte de lire cela !

  6. avatar 5. starman said :

    Looks far better than I expected, after initial broken promises on Solo mode dating back to first HoN release, I expecteda half hearted adoption of fan made variants. This looks well developed asymmetric mechanic to provide a BoT/AI.
    Restored my faith in DPG, I just wish they had applied their skills to this years ago.
    I would like to get a pnp version to test with existing HoN, to provide constructive feedback.

  7. avatar 4. Sebly said :

    Wouldn’t it be amazing if there were something like this for heroes of black reach? I might actually be able to play the game for the first time then :p

  8. avatar 3. ricvandyke said :

    Looking good! Thanks!

  9. avatar 2. Basile said :

    Il faudra attendre la distribution totale des Kickstarter Big Red One et un ou deux mois aprés, histoire d’avoir du stock sous la main pour le SAV.
    Nous mettrons seulement ensuite en vente les objets restants du Big Red One

  10. avatar 1. voldegal said :

    Quand pouvons-bous espérer avoir cette merveille en boutique ou sur votre plateforme pour un achat si on a raté le KS ? merci pour votre super travail