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HoN-TCG – US Dispatch





I am pleased to announce that the HoN-TCG has finally arrived at the American dispatcher’s office. The sending of packages is expected next week.



Also from next week, the various HoN-TCG products will be available for sale on our website. If you want to buy the game, don’t delay, there is not a lot of stock.


Have a good game!

posted by gduprez the [14/03/2019]

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3 Comments on “HoN-TCG – US Dispatch”

  1. avatar 3. Sgt Issah said :

    As an echo to others, when is the US distribution going to start? The update said that it would start this week, but still no word. The game is on sale here, before we get our copies. Information, please….
    Thank you, (impatient to play this game)

  2. avatar 2. tapsi2308 said :

    At start, middle or end of the week? 🙂

  3. avatar 1. malm08 said :

    Je vais me mettre à l’affût et surveiller la mise en ligne sur la boutique! 😀