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HoN-TCG – January 2019


At the beginning of 2019, I am sending you the latest news in my possession about the HoN-TCG dispatch.

For the Europe zone, the boat (MOL TRADITION) is getting closer. I just looked, he was in the Mediterranean off the coast of Greece slowly but surely approaching his destination.

For dispatch from Australia (Australia, Asia, South America and Africa), the boat is the COSCO KOREA V.060S. I have also just looked and it runs along the Australian coast and should arrive in Sydney, its destination, on the evening of 17 January 2019.

We finally had to group the dispatch for the United States and Canada. This has wasted our time. However, everything is now set and we are waiting for the name of the boat and the date it will leave China. As you can see, the transport of our games to North America remains a delicate issue for us. We are multiplying contacts to find more acceptable solutions for you and us in the future.

posted by gduprez the [16/01/2019]

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4 Comments on “HoN-TCG – January 2019”

  1. avatar 4. Nathanaël said :

    On dirait bien que le cargo vient d’arriver au Havre, cool!

  2. avatar 3. WayneCW said :

    Have zombies taken over the ship bound for the US?

  3. avatar 2. gduprez said :


  4. avatar 1. WayneCW said :

    Thanks for the update. Please post the boat leaving for North America once it’s known.