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Successful incantation!!!!!



The second P500 Shadows over Normandy ended at 6:00 pm. And what else can I say?


THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!




You have massively answered present for a very nice result:

  • Cthulhu Mythos Call 3: 254
  • Battleground Set Woods & Hills: 288
  • Cthulhu Mythos Call 4 (ghouls): 243
  • Sewers: 163
  • Generic storage box SoN: 612
  • Choir of Nightmares: 235

for an amount of orders of approximately 21,000 euros.

This great success is the best validation I could have expected of my development choices for this range. It makes me want to get back to work so I can offer you other products.

But first, I have to finalize the files to allow the sending to production. I will be able to use the prototypes produced by Azao (which I received today) to test my scenarios.





posted by gduprez the [17/06/2019]

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10 Comments on “Successful incantation!!!!!”

  1. 10. corkysru said :

    If we missed the order how can we purchase this?

  2. 9. Yuma said :

    got an email today for a “last 48 hours” warning. sadly it wasnt p500, turns out i missed this completly. bye bye sewers, bye bye mythoscreatures. :`(

  3. 8. Kuwanan said :

    Salut, on peut savoir quelle sera le thême du prochain P500?

  4. 7. derekovernormandie1 said :

    I also missed this one. Is there any chance of getting in on it?

  5. 6. Mario Martinez said :

    I forgot about this and missed this. Is there any way to order this, or late back it?

    thank you,

    Mario M

  6. 5. Whybother said :

    Omg! I’m such an idiot.
    Even with all the warnings not to miss the deadline….I got busy and missed the deadline.

  7. 4. manoi said :


  8. 3. Jan said :

    Nice! Congrats with the succesfull P55

  9. 2. slyfox said :


    Next up HoN 2.0 and Stalingrad expansions please.

  10. 1. Eclo said :


    Next item a big box like Desert Wrath ?? 😉