[Contest] Thanks Soldiers!

Hello Soldiers!

It is thanks to your support that the Devil Pig Commando was able to successfully extract itself from the mess and join the invasion fleet! And for that, we are extremely grateful to you!

2021 will be the year of the great offensive: our factories are already running at full speed, the team is focused on the Big Red One edition which is coming very soon.

In order to thank you, we have put online a contest on our Facebook page to win the prize you (the majority) have chosen: a Heroes of Stalingrad super pack!

The pack will include the following:

  • Heroes of Stalingrad the base game
  • The Battle Pack (including all existing units and terrain tiles to date)
  • Storage boxes for all your units and color sleeves for all your cards.

To participate and try to win this great prize, we invite you to join us on our Facebook page:

-> https://www.facebook.com/DevilPigTeam

Good luck soldiers!

Devil Pig

posted by Twane33 the [13/01/2021]

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7 Comments on “[Contest] Thanks Soldiers!”

  1. avatar 7. Twane33 said :

    Hello soldier! This contest is already over 🙁
    However, keep following us on our social media pages. A new contest is coming!

  2. avatar 6. Johan vg said :

    I was already on your FB page, do i have to do something extra to be able to win?

  3. avatar 5. Gaffophone said :

    Je n’utilise pas facebook non plus, dommage.

  4. avatar 4. Jeffrey Luptowski said :

    How about focusing on the orders you have not filled

  5. avatar 3. Jeffrey Luptowski said :

    How mabout focusing on the orders you have not filled

  6. avatar 2. beleg01 said :

    Pas pour moi ce concours… Je ne tiens pas à m’inscrire sur Facebook.

  7. avatar 1. voxer said :

    Great!!!! Thanks to you for not giving up!