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Celestial Paladins dive from the sky on the battlefield and fly away once their assault is finished. An efficient reinforcement for the Human army.


Now that the battle is engaged, the saint leader of the Order will soon enter the fight. To follow him in the sky, witches of the Pig mountain will harass all his enemies!

The master of the Celestial Paladins Order swoops on the heretics like the holy wrath. Once his chastisement carried out, he flies back to the sky before the next charge, while witches overboost the magical power of your army.


Because of this reinforcement, the other war chiefs beg the defender of lost causes for help.

Everybody line up to acclaim Cohen Junior, champion of widows and orphans who will come every turn to help the less deadly player.

To deserve it, you’ll have to prove yourself unworthy on the battlefield. But with this invicible hero, you should change the course of the battle.


The most difficult part for with Orcs is the link between the Horde and thugs craving for fights. So some of them ride on their own side…

Donk and Shot are infiltrators and attack the other armies by the flank, a way to take back troops by surprise! Being a well-ordered warlord becomes more important, not sure that some armies are very good at that.


Guest star: Biboun

posted by Axel the [25/03/2016]

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