The sales are a (too?) big success!

Hello everyone,

You are very many to take advantage of our offers during this D-Day sales! Thank you ! We were totally surprised by the craze!

As with all good things, there is a small opposite effect: Meeple Logistics, the logistic branch of Philibert that sends your parcels for the World shop, is currently overwhelmed by the massive influx of orders (plus a little minor computer problem which is solved now), success being higher than our estimates.

The orders will be sent as soon as possible but with a small shift compared to what is usually done.

Thanks again ! May the dice or the cards be with you!

posted by Axel the [07/06/2018]

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6 Comments on “The sales are a (too?) big success!”

  1. avatar 6. Believer said :

    Order delivered within a week to Scandinavia – all the way to the front door. Very pleased!

    For me this Sale was a huge opportunity to get all I needed – and wanted – for this brilliant game, Heroes of Normandie. Thanks DPG for making this happen. And congrats!!

    / Manu

  2. avatar 5. Maz said :

    Merci pour la braderie, j’ai pu compléter ma collection. Vivement la prochaine, histoire de ne pas mettre en rogne le ministre des finances à la maison… 😁

  3. avatar 4. Blanche said :

    Bonjour, merci pour ce débarqument des troupes ! J’en ai bien profité et mon frère sera ravi de paser quelques heures sur ces scenarii.

  4. avatar 3. Eclo said :

    Good, simple & fast communication ! That’s the way to go DP ! Thanks for the information !!

  5. avatar 2. kabuti said :

    Ouai c’est vraiment super cette braderie, j’ai encore claqué un bon budget et je ne sais toujours pas où je vais pouvoir ranger tout le matos supplémentaire qui va arriver haha! Seule petite déception pour le Lord Lovat que j’ai loupé. J’espère sincèrement que les acquéreurs n’en profiteront pas pour faire de la spéculation sur cette planche rare…

  6. avatar 1. bartdevuyst said :

    Thanks for letting us know! 50% was too nice of a deal to let go!