Drop Zone will be late

Little Gretchins sneaked into the production of the Drop Zone and made a mess…

First, we faced a couple issues with our NAS server, when a defective copy protocol led to the loss of the vast majority of our production files for Heroes of Normandie, Shadows over Normandie and of course, Heroes of Black Reach. Despite a backup, it took us 3 weeks to solve the problem.

Right after that, the translation fell behind – we’ll only receive it today, or tomorrow. This is particularly frustrating, because we actually ordered it at the very beginning of the project.

Due to these complications, the Drop Zone will unfortunately be late, and we apologize for this inconvenience. It is now to be expected in January 2018, but we will push our factory and still hope for a Christmas delivery, though we can’t make any promise.

posted by Raphael the [09/11/2017]

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5 Comments on “Drop Zone will be late”

  1. avatar 5. caporal jeff said :

    J’avoue qu’avant Noël,ça serait top…Hihihihi
    Merci à vous pour l’info
    Bon courage

  2. avatar 4. Quickle said :

    Thank you for your transparency.

  3. avatar 3. proudgeek159 said :

    Thanks for the timely information. I will be eagerly awaiting my copy!

  4. avatar 2. Raphael said :

    Don’t worry about it, the Drop Zone and the the rest of HoBR aren’t the same production.

  5. avatar 1. Eclo said :

    Sad news… very sad news… but OK, we’ll wait a little longer (hoping for a Christmas present then 🙂 )

    I do have 1 big question though : How does this affect the march release of the rest of HoBR (Core bow, reinforcements,…) ?

    Thanks for the info