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Gazette 8 is on sale!


For those who have not seen it, the Gazette N°8, the latest Heroes of Normandy product, is available on our online shop. As I write these lines, there are about 400 copies left… so there won’t necessarily be enough for everyone and I can’t guarantee that this product will be reprinted once it’s out of print.

Note: Gazette N°8 is not available on the US store: the shipping cost to send some to our US distributor and the few copies available were not compatible to perform this operation.


Content :

– 2 punchboards with Captain Pierre Tanant, his Maquisards and German Gebirgsjäger.

– 6 pages booklet in English:

– 6 pages booklet in French with the same content as the English one.

So don’t wait any longer!

Take advantage of Christmas promotions
to complete your collection!


posted by gduprez the [28/11/2018]

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5 Comments on “Gazette 8 is on sale!”

  1. avatar 5. nagash44 said :

    Where can I buy this?

  2. avatar 4. Ulthran said :

    Where can I buy this?

  3. avatar 3. Rod said :

    Try $40 to Australia!

  4. avatar 2. xpl0de said :

    gotto agree with Guyblin on this, 15 euros to ship across the channel. Means me and my mates wont be buying this.

  5. avatar 1. Guyblin said :

    Come on guys – 15 euros shipping for this???