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Secret War Pig sauce

While we’re writing this post, the KS dispatch is in progress or very close to start (depending on countries). In a few weeks, SoN will hit the stores shelves. The SoN project will go from “Kickstarter” to “available ».  It is time for us to present you how we see the future of this range.

We could summarize our vision to three words :

Heroes, Madness and Adventures.

Shadows will be clearly different from its historical predecessor by the focus on the characters, heroes or vilains, on their interactions, evolution and on the stories they will live. Characters will be the main center of this range. One of our goal is to propose rules to make them evolve.

We decided with this Kickstarter to use the Achtung! Cthulhu univers as background. This is an intentional choice that has consequences:

– We will widely use this univers and the amazing gaming univers already created around the Mythos and the work of Lovecraft to feed our inspiration. 

– However, we will introduce our own desires and creations if we think that they can take place in the big picture (with Mödiphius agreement to not betray their univers).

– We won’t open this range to other fictional univers to keep the consistency of the game.

With the different products, we will invite you to live an amazing adventure with several connected campaigns. Thus the Cthulhu Mythos Call 1 scenarios are the link between the core box Lost Battalion campaign and the Desert Wrath scenarios pack campaign.

But in fact, what does it mean ?

First we have the pleasure to announce you that SoN will have its own gazette with will have the same format and the same periodicity than the HoN one (both will be shifted in time so that who subscribed to both of them do not receive all at the same time). We’re already working on it and we hope to be able to open the subscription and deliver the first issue at the beginning of 2016. We will be updated regularly about the content. But what’s for sure is that the first issues will form an entire campaign.

As Axel told you sometime ago, we’re working on the Desert Wrath scenarios pack, that was available during the KS2. It will introduce the Section M and will transport you far from Normandy. Even if the Section M will be the focus of this expansion, you’ll find more than that in this scenarios pack. The release is scheduled for 2016…Our release date announcement experience tells is to not be more precise.

Then we will keep on expanding the range with new concepts, some we really want to do and others inspired by the community.  It’s obvious that the next A!C main faction is the Nachtwölfe and is on the top of our list. Most of the product will be scenarios packs and blister packs. They all will come with scenarios set in the main story.

We also will try to add new scenarios every month to download on our website, to tell stories that take place during the same main campaign. If the community likes this idea, we’ll try to find a way to collect your games results to include them in the big pictures.

And… That’s it. We hope you’ll like the project and be a part of it. There’s so many things to explore in the vast A!C and Lovecraft univers. The fantasy part allows new gaming challenges and then renew the gaming pleasure of the community. We hope that some of you will actively participate to help us on the DPG version of this univers by posting scenarios and campaigns on our website.

posted by Axel the [30/10/2015]

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5 Comments on “Secret War Pig sauce”

  1. avatar 5. Weird WWII said :

    Great stuff!!

    Keep it WEIRD!!!
    Brian & Mel

  2. avatar 4. YogSothoth said :

    Génial, j’ai hâte 🙂

  3. avatar 3. gduprez said :


  4. avatar 2. Mrzarbiwayne said :

    “Comme l’a annoncé Axel il y a quelque temps, nous travaillons aussi sur le scénario pack « Desert Wrath », qui était disponible lors le KS2. Il introduira la section M et vous transportera loin de la Normandie. Même si la section M sera au coeur de cette extension, vous trouverez bien plus dans ce scénario pack. Sa sortie est prévue pour 2016… Notre expérience de l’annonce de date de sortie nous invite à la prudence, donc, pour l’instant, nous ne serons pas plus précis.”

    Quand Axel parle de lui à la 3ieme personne… 😀

  5. avatar 1. Mrzarbiwayne said :

    Je kiffe deja !