The Shadows League has a mission for you! (Completed)

Hello soldiers!

If you are here, it’s because I personally selected you to help us prepare the ground for the arrival of the shock squad: the Big Red One! There will be no possible margin of error to carry out this mission! You will have to work together to succeed or fail. There is no I in the army, everyone has to walk in the same direction.

Who I am does not matter soldiers, I am just one soldier fighting for the resistance among many others. Victory depends on you! Of course, we are not going to leave young recruits like you in the wilderness. We will regularly update this article to list the stages of the mission carried out. A way to spot you if you lose your way. We also remain available by radio (Discord), and by telegram (here) to give you more clues in case of deadlock.

Two weeks is the time it will take you to complete all the prerequisites for the landing of the Big Red One. If you successfully complete this mission, the new company “CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION” will be unlocked before the official launch of the Kickstarter Heroes of Normandie – Big Red One Edition on Tuesday, March 9th.

It’s up to you soldiers, only your work will allow us to win the war!

Update 26/02/2021

Hello Soldiers!
If you’ve come this far, it’s because you’ve managed to retrieve our secret documents. You would make some good spies…but the mission is far from over! These documents will be useful for the rest of our operation.
One last thing, here are some nice addresses that I recommend: A144, A228, A292, A314 and A410.

Update 08/03/2021

Hello Soldiers!
Congratulations for successfully completing your mission. Thanks to you, we are ready to welcome those bastards of the Big Red One!

The entire Devil Pig team would like to thank you for your involvement and congratulate you again for brilliantly completing every step of this treasure hunt.
Thanks to you, a new exclusive spy card will be added to upcomming Big Red One!

We are counting on you soldiers to subscribe to our newsletter on our pre-launch page to unlock the latest pre-launch stretch goals of Omaha Beach :

Join us on 09 March for the launch of Heroes of Normandie – Big Red One Edition on Kickstarter !

Please give us your feedback in the comment section after this first experience. If you liked it, we are ready to prepare new scenarios of this kind 😉

At ease soldiers !


posted by Twane33 the [23/02/2021]

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42 Comments on “The Shadows League has a mission for you! (Completed)”

  1. avatar 42. tony said :

    still waiting for the launch!

  2. avatar 41. Axe said :

    Pour ceux qui n’ont pas tout suivi

    Suite de l’aventure à minuit ce soir sur youtube

  3. avatar 40. Axe said :

    Nous cherchons des gens pour aller scanner des QR codes aux endroits suivant pour la suite de la mission:
    C’est le jeu à Toulouse

    Archi chouette à Lyon

    Jeux barjo à Bordeaux

    La crypte du jeu à Marseille

  4. avatar 39. Markus said :

    Winter is coming

  5. avatar 38. Cordier said :

    Salut à toutes l équipe félicitation pour lexcellent travail on attend la big one avec avec de nouveaux combats et d unités. Merci cordialement Claude Cordier.

  6. avatar 37. Bazna said :

    This looks fun

  7. avatar 36. Iker Arbizu said :

    Ok, I have checked the BGG page for this, the threads there… What’s next?

  8. avatar 35. gencial said :

    This is a great game

  9. avatar 34. Axe said :

    On the Google file they send to à member of the forum BEZNA. See the quote of him

    Vegetable= translation file about tanks and guns

  10. avatar 33. Erwin Klumpers said :

    Went to boardgamegeek and became a “fan”

    Looking forward to the KS

    Morse code file : “Part 2 Radio Londres every 2h”

  11. avatar 32. Morgan Merchant said :

    Go to board game geek!

  12. avatar 31. Joe Iwinski said :

    Go to Board Game Geek

  13. avatar 30. Midwest Drifter said :

    This is going to sound daft, but what do you want me to do when I get there?

  14. avatar 29. slyfox said :

    @Nostradunwhich Right.. Different meaning of the word depending on the time era. 🙂

  15. avatar 28. said :

    Umm what should I do?

  16. avatar 27. tom Depoorter said :

    Go to board game geek.

  17. avatar 26. Nostradunwhich said :

    @slyfox: “telegram (here)” means the forums 😉

  18. avatar 25. William Armstrong said :

    Go to board game geek.

  19. avatar 24. Julien Degraide said :

    file BRO ENIGMA

  20. avatar 23. David Vaughan said :

    Go to boardgame geek

    Be sure to drink your Ovaltine

  21. avatar 22. Axe said :

  22. avatar 21. Axe said :

    At 7.08 pm a message was send. But It was very difficult to understand for french speaking. Someone have listen and written? I have something like

  23. avatar 20. John W said :

    How you find the discord channel?

  24. avatar 19. Twane33 said :

    Hello futur members of the Shadows League! A link to our Discord has been added 😉

  25. avatar 18. Axe said :

    radio londres is on Discord

  26. avatar 17. vladimir pakhomoff said :


  27. avatar 16. Perry Rogers said :


  28. avatar 15. Axe said :

    nos expert sur board game geek on décodé “PART 2 RADIO LONDRES EVERY 2 H”

  29. avatar 14. Daydream said :

    Ha ha! This is fun!

  30. avatar 13. Alain Debonne said :

    Moi je lis Got board game geek

  31. avatar 12. Chris Dippel said :

    Part 2 Radio Londres every 2 hrs

  32. avatar 11. Thierry7491 said :

    Ca me plait ce jeu et ces indices!!! Ca motive trop hâte d’être au 9/3/21

    Mais en attendant (c’est dur)

    Exact Axe : tous sur Board Game Geek !!!

    Qu’elle unité a percée cette digue ?

  33. avatar 10. Axe said :

  34. avatar 9. Murray Farrell said :

    Morse Code = “PART 2 RADIO LONDRES EVERY 2 H”

  35. avatar 8. Murray Farrell said :

    Ok, I went to boardgamegeek… now what? o.O

  36. avatar 7. slyfox said :

    Anyone can decipher the Morse code?

  37. avatar 6. Axe said :

    Ah oui il y a un “o” en gras mais toujours gris. Bien vu

  38. avatar 5. matinciel said :

    A mon avis il manque un o 🙂

  39. avatar 4. Dan Buman said :

    Go to Board Game Geek

  40. avatar 3. Gilles said :

    got board game geek … hmmmmm

  41. avatar 2. Axe said :

    Nice. Un escape game 😛 donc le premier indice est board game geek. Sur la page big red one j’imagine

  42. avatar 1. slyfox said :

    Missing links: “available by radio (Discord), and by telegram (here)”