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King of the Hill!


The Battleground set 2 is totally free!

And a new add-on arrives with it! “The Ventura and Smugglers”. It’s an exclusive punchboard with a boat and his team of sailors with his captain and its hero!

You pledged 50€/47€/36€, you will receive stuff for a value of 131€ (+81€)/128€ (+81€)/114€ (78€)



  • The Ventura and Smugglers IS NOT a stretch goal, it’s an ADD-ON.
  • It’s exclusive to this project. You WON’T find it on our store or others stores.
  • If you want it, take it separately (10€, for Compendium, strategic resupply and Extended SoN storage solution pledge levels) OU with the Battleground set 2 (25€, for SoN storage solution pledge level)


This stretch goal will add rules for SoN in the Compendium, so, the Compendium will be good for everybody.


posted by Axel the [11/12/2015]

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