Solo Mode is coming!

Hello Soldiers!


We heard you! To better introduce you to this last one, a word from Yann & Clem:


Hi all,

You are many to ask for a Solo mode for Heroes of Normandie.

We struggled for years to find a solution, playing other systems, thinking on our own mechanic…

We had solutions that we cancelled.

We had ideas that we thought were great, but appeared to be shitty.

We had disappointments and euphoria, nervous breakdowns and eureka moments.

The project was paused until this Kickstarter campaign. Due to the massive amount of requests for a Solo mode, we decided to focus on it.

We took out our prototypes, spent the last week playing them, weighing the pros and cons, challenging ourselves to figure out if we’d be capable of releasing a good solitary gaming mode.

That was a major decision to take, and it took us time to decide if we could announce it, or not.

We still have a lot of work to do, a lot of tests and tries, sweat and tears, but, today, we’re able to announce you that the Heroes of Normandie Solo mode will be available as an add-on when we’ll reach the 100K euros stretch goal!

We need to reach this amount in order to safely back the development of the Solo mode rules and components.

For the next 4 months, Clem will be fully dedicated to this task, supported by Yann, and will work hard to finalize the Heroes of Normandie Solo Mode, in order to propose you an incredible gaming experience, as nervous, as action packed, and as challenging than a regular HoN versus game.

Unfortunately, this will have an impact on the delivery date. We may be able to deliver the game on time, but it would be dishonest of us not to notify you that we have to postpone the entire Kickstarter delivery for 2 months.

We can tell you that this two months wait will worth it, because the mechanics we’re working on will be a blast!

We summoned someone very special to accompany us all along this journey. May the force be with us!




In order to bring this add-on to life, we need your help soldiers! It will be available if we reach 100K€ (approx. $119K) on the campaign.This add-on will be available for 40 € (appox. $48) and includes:

  • 2 Bags
  • 1 Rule Book
  • 2 Exclusive Scenarios
  • 50 Action cards
  • 45 Reaction cards
  • 1 AI Control Board
  • 6 Punchboards
  • 1 exclusive Hero

We are counting on you soldiers!

Devil Pig

posted by Twane33 the [16/03/2021]

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6 Comments on “Solo Mode is coming!”

  1. avatar 6. Guth said :

    BJr Les DVP!!! J’avais abandonné de jeu m’étant tourné exclusivement vers le jeu solo depuis un moment car difficile (encore plus maintenant) de trouver des joueurs passionnés…je pledge directe si ce mode de jeu solo répond aux attentes des joueurs …il faudra lâcher un peu de contenu car autant vous avez balancé du lourd avec ce jeu autant la tache semble complexe de”pondre” un mode solo…
    La confiance est la et les attentes aussi 😉

  2. avatar 5. Romator35 said :

    Ah super de la nouveauté et qui plus est le mode solo.
    Ca relance mon intérêt pour ce jeu. Bon c’est décidé je pledgé en espérant que cet add-on tant attendu soit débloqué.

  3. avatar 4. voxer said :

    This is great!!

  4. avatar 3. John Tielemans said :

    YES!!!!!!!! I’M IN!!!

  5. avatar 2. Axe said :

    Contrairement au reste du ks. Le contenu et mécanique de ce nouveau mode reste flou. J’ai assez confiance en vos capacités, mais j’espère que nous en saurons plus plus tard dans la campagne. Déjà les lignes directrices des règles et le contenu des punchboard

  6. avatar 1. cdmdu said :

    Les DPG ont encore réussi à me surprendre !
    Bravo à vous et tous au KS !