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Hello soldiers!

Several new features at Devil Pig this week to introduce you: we talk to you about Kickstarter with the new edition of Heroes of Normandie and new components for our War Games!


Big Red One edition !


Let’s start with a news which, we are sure, will delight all our soldiers :

The new version of Heroes of Normandie: Big Red One Edition will integrate an essential element of this war, Omaha Beach!


Heroes of Normandie Big Red One edition Omaha


The addition of this element will of course give birth to a big scenario to honor this historical moment. The team continues to work on this edition as much from a gameplay point of view as from an aesthetic point of view. Of course, the campaign won’t arrive on Kickstarter before the complete delivery of A Pig Back From Hell.

This new campaign will also be an opportunity to acquire the rules of aviation with some new features. You can already take advantage of the first free download version on our website :




Game War Stories!


In order to bring more context and allow our soldiers to live the War Game experience to the fullest, we offer a new range of products: the Game War Stories.

Each issue will focus on a War Hero and will include a biography, his exploits, a dedicated scenario and one or two punchboards to integrate it into your game. To give you an overview of the first two issues :

heroes of war - war-stories

-> The first issue will talk about Otto Carius, a Tiger tank commander who destroyed a total of 150 enemy tanks. This issue will also include a section of T34s for the Russian forces as well as the errata of the Frontoviks from the Heroes of Stalingrad game base box.

-> The second issue will feature Aleksei Fyodorovich Naumov, a KV1 leader. This issue will also feature a German tank section.


With already these first two issues of Game War Stories, the soldiers of Heroes of Stalingrad will have enough to increase their strike force!


The Devil Pig team is coming back to you very soon with a new news to tell you about the production!

Devil Pig team

posted by Twane33 the [06/10/2020]

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15 Comments on “Devil Pig Games News!”

  1. 15. Grizzledveteran said :

    War Stories sounds awesome! Very excited!

  2. 14. Kermit said :

    Mega project.

  3. 13. Bryan Hassett said :

    This is an excellent idea. Absolutely love the concept and cannot wait to order every War Story you produce. Keep up the good work.

  4. 12. Amalrian said :

    Super 👍
    Enfin de bonnes nouvelles de quoi relancer les parties et les envies.
    Merci les cochons 🐽

  5. 11. voxer said :

    Love it!!!

  6. 10. nellio said :

    War stories sera t-il compatible avec le 1er HoN ?

  7. 9. Axe said :

    Sérieusement en cette période morose, c’est un vrai petit rayon de soleil des news de nos Pigs du diable

  8. 8. Tinippa said :

    Where is the sniper mission on pdf, which was a part of the HoS kickstarter? Or have I missed something?

  9. 7. beleg01 said :

    Alors là… BRAVO !!!
    J’adore le concept et un grand 20/20 pour le correctif de Heroes of Stalingrad !
    C’est une excellente idée qui permettra par la suite (au besoin) de sortir des corrections de Pions.
    Voilà, je suis preneur pour les 2 premiers numéros et aussi la Big Red One.

  10. 6. slyfox said :

    Sign me up.

  11. 5. Arkc said :

    OOOUUAAHH ! vous faites rêver !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. 4. perecussion said :

    Très bonne idée ces WAR STORIES.

  13. 3. Molpov said :

    Yo! Hâte de voir la forme que prendra le supplément “Bloody Omaha”!

  14. 2. Axe said :

    Waw. Que de superbes nouvelles! Je bave

  15. 1. BTEX said :

    Content de voir que les DPG ont à nouveau des projets.