Mise à jour Kickstarter Kharnage

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17 – Ma qué bella ragazza!

The Queen of Beauty is here and embellish the Stretch Goal Hill!

Paolo Parente : Everyone should know who Signore Parente is. He’s the creator of Dust, and one of the most famous babes drawer in the Universe. http://www.dustgame.com

Abbamama, the Dancing Queen,
Old and sweet, forever green.
Dancing Queen,
She feels the beat from the wolverine.
She can dance, she can strife,
Having the time of her life
See that beast, watch that scene,
Pig in the Dancing Queen.

Abbamama is a new Leader for your goblin Army. During the setup, when you choose the goblin Army, you can choose between Abbamama or the 2 other Leaders from the core box.
Each round, before your reinforcement phase, if Abbamama is present in your Army, draw 1 card from your Reserve.

After the Dancing Queen, please welcome another famous war band! Please welcome Frank Sinarat, Dean Ratin, Sammy Damice, Joey Miceshop, Peter Lawfieldmouse and their roady, John Biggerbil. They come with their own tricks.

16 – Tricks and mercenaries

YES! You unlocked this particular stretch-goal! We were very eager to unlock this one.

This is the first expansion for Kharnage. All previous battles were fought with a code of honor, It’s ancient over now! Mercs and Trickeries are coming onto the battlefield! The city of Kradwallon will provide you traps, slyness and thugs…

But how do you get and play Kradwallon cards?

During the setup, each player draws 2 Kradwallon cards, there’s two kinds of Kradwallon cards:Mercenaries and Tricks.

After each Domination token granting, players who did not received any token draw 1 Kradwallon cardNote: In game with less than 4 players, the player who received the lowest token value draw 1 Kradwallon card.

Before choosing your Battle card, you can trade 1 Domination token (no matter its number of skull) for 2 Kradwallon cards.

With a Special Reinforcement flag (on a Battle card or on a Unit), instead of drawing a card from your Reserve or placing your Leader, you can draw 1 card from the Kradwallon deck and place 1 Mercenary if you want (and have one).

Soldiers of fortune …

Here are the Mercenaries that you can recruit with this expansion:

The Engineer: Hire your own engineer, catapult is included.

The Little Head Hero: Our helmets for childrens are tested by our little head warrior. They are small, but they are hardy!

The Werebears: Have you got some gnomes invasion ? Choose the bear method: violent, fast and fun when they play with their prey!

The Ogre: Tired of high and complex strategy, try the brutal force. No question is needed when you have the violent answer!

The Adventurers: Lords of Evil, are you missing some guinea pig for your trap testings? Let’s try our affordable adventurers, a turnkey solution for efficient quality checking.

The Assassins: Want to strike the back lines of your opponents? Special “Backstabbing” discount! Hire one assassin, get four!

… and misfortune

The Tricks will modify the course of the battle. Depending on the kind of traps or treacheries you have in hand, play this cards on the right time. Here are the Tricks that you can find in this expansion (twice of each):

And now, a new guest’s landing!

Do you like slave-style princess? Yes? Do you like babes? Yes again?

I present you Paolo Parente’s goblin babe! If you want to see more, you just have to unlock it 😉

15 – Giant playmat for epic battles!

 By popular demand, we created a custom high quality neopren playmat for your 2 to 4 players games. With its 30”x30” (76x76cm) this giant playmat will allow you to deploy your armies around this lovely and beautifull (but not so strategic) hill…

Note : you will certainly be able to play 5-players games on this playmat, but space will really be limited, so we indicate 2 to 4 wich should be confortable to play.

Let’s the wardrums rumble Kharnagers!

Note: To purchase an optional buy, simply click on the Manage my pledge button in the top right hand corner of the Kickstarter page. On the next page, there will be a bar with your pledge total. Add the amount of the optional buy(s) to that sum and hit Confirm near the bottom of the page.

14 – Let me introduce Cohen Jr.

 Many of you asked us “What is a Game Mode?”, for example like the 18k€ strech goal, and“How do you play with Cohen Jr?“.

In fact, a “Game Mode” is a variant of the core box rules, which enriches and adds something new to your Kharnages. Here is the rules that applies when you choose to play with Cohen Jr.

During the setup, place Cohen Jr. near the Domination tokens.

At the end of each round, Cohen Jr. is placed in the first line of the player who destroyed the fewest number of Units this round. In the event of a tie, no one receives the help of Cohen Jr. and this one returns with the Domination tokens.

If Cohen Jr. is destroyed during an Attack, he returns with the tokens, he is never counted as a destroyed Unit for the Domination token granting.
Note: If Cohen Jr. is the only Unit of the attacked Army, his destruction is not considered as a Kharnage.

Now, continue the conquest of this Hill…

… after that, we will be able to describe you in details the content of the “Mercenaries and Tricks Expansion”, which will be unlocked at 50k€.

13 – Something really big approaching!

Drums of war smash the ambient air like whiplashes ! A new unlocked stretch-goal is reached and it’s a new tribute to the Reward Hill!

Gram of Foggy mountain (don’t forget his title, he dislikes it!) and his teammates spread fear and terror on the battleground. And because they flight, they laugh when they see a mighty warrior with his legendary sword. Nor sword can fly to destroy their balloon, nor axes, nor any melee weapon. But arrows from the balloon to these “mighty” warriors, yes!

In case of bowmen, break the glass and unleash the veteran section of hobgoblins. Like the dwarf veterans, after their attacks, they can attack again.

As soon as they are colorized, we will show you them 😉

Now, with so many reinforcements, it’s time to hire more soldiers of fortune and use new tricks for your Kharnage games… This huge stretch-goal, will add a full expansion with near 20 cards and its rules! For such a big strech-goal, we need a symbolic goal, so if you reach 50k€, we will add it for free to all your pledges !

12 – Big is better!

 Some of you asked for bigger pictures, to have a close up on the illustrations. We had to reduce a lot the cards size to show you what you’ll have with your pledge. We show you today the unlocked human reinforcement cards in bigger size!

Don’t forget you won’t find them in the retailed core box, but you will receive it for free with your Slayer and Mega Death pledges.

The celestial paladins are very good units! They have 2 Melee Attack skills and a Defense value of 3. So, they are tough enough to not be killed by most Instant attacks. The last but not the least, they have the Flying skill, that protects them from any damages until the end of the turn, after they attacked. So, it’s good to play a low initiative Battle card to protect them for the next turn.

You thought that celestial paladins are tough? Now see their chief. As soon as he is placed in your army, he makes an Melee attack, strong enough to destroy almost any first line Unit. Furthermore, he doesn’t come alone. You draw one more Unit card after his Placement. And he flies too…

They are the descendants of very old women from a dimension far far away, where things are a little bit different, where luggages have legs and try to eat people, where you can have a cup of tea with the Death and where witches prefer to not use magic. Happily, it’s not the case for them. They increase by one any Magic missiles skills of your Units, for both Range and Melee attacks, only by being there…

11 – Arachnophobia !

Eeh … Great? You unlocked one of the scariest stretch goal. RUN for your life! Spiders swarm will overwhelm us!

This is not really a surprise that Goblins’s spiders give birth. And not a few… You can try to shoot them if you wish, you may find it difficult! Spiders are the deadliest weapon against enemy bowmen.

And to come with this tiny monsters, the most craziest goblin Shaman in the history decided to create his master piece. He’s now singing a dark psalm for his old gods. Just before he started the ceremony, we saw a young goblin and a black widow spider entering the shaman hut … A mix between a spider and a Goblin? An Arachnogob ?

Look up! Gobelins are renowned for their ingenuity, more or less pertinent, and Gram the pilote of Foggy Mountain has a lot of it! While flying above the battleground in his balloon, he is not afraid of swords and axes.

On the ground, his ballon is followed by their own troops!

Look up! Nope, look down! Nope… Arghhh they’re everywhere. GOBLINS!

10 – Romuald the Driller

Romuald is a mutant ram from the Pig mountains. He’s totally insane and will perforate the three lines of any army facing yours.

« Colors » is the first word that comes in mind when thinking of Djib. The second one is awesome. If you don’t know him, go check his work right now! It’s amazing. http://pagesblanches.over-blog.com

But Romuald’s biggest fear is spiders….

9 – Holy beer

YOUHOUH! I will celebrate this unlocked stretch goal with a pint of beer!

Humans have their Holy Grail, Dwarves have their Grail too: the Holy Beer, brewed in ancestral barrels. Only the woman leading the furies, the Princess Furiosa, has the right to open this holy barrels. So, when she goes to war, there’s always a mobile bar in the rear lines of the dwarf army, the Cantina.

Ram! Ram! Ram! What’s that noise?

8 – Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho. It’s death from fight we go!

Unbelievable! 7 unlocked stretch-goals! 7 dwarves! Where the hell is White Snow?

Who can be stronger than old dwarf miners and warriors? No one. They are skilled and find easily the way to do more damage than expected.

Have you seen the dwarf boss and her personal servant? The one with the beer barrel. Stop! Stop! Stay there! Don’t leave to look for them! There still are some opponents on the battleground!

7 – 3873ème orc, et là c’est le drame pour les adversaires.

SCHRUNCH ! What’s that noise? This is the next strech-goal getting unlocked with an axe, joining the pile of the unlocked strech-goals. But this is not high enough!

You wanted brutal force? You wanted more troops to claim the Big Khan of the Great Horde title? Here’s the best leutnant to lead your boys. And he catapults them directly on your opponents with his little fingers.

The dwarves, losing ground, must call their veterans, souls and guardians of ancestral traditions.

6 – 1 orc, 2 orcs … 3872 orcs

Great ! It is not just a few Orcs unlocked with this strech-goal, it’s a whole horde!

When you draw half of it, search a little bit and you’ll find the other half. Twice more orcs to add violence to your raids on enemy armies.

There’s a hierarchy among the orcs, and seeing what’s coming next, he should be the boss… Ouch? What is that ? Since when do orcs build engines ?

5 – Guest star: Biboun!

YEEHAA ! Thanks to you, the first Special Guest strech goal is unlocked! Welcome Biboun and his elite Orcs Donk and Shot.


Usually, his illustrations are as cute as his name, but he’s also able to draw mighty stuff. He worked for several game publishers and scored high each time. Hail to Biboun!http://www.biboun.com

Donk and Shot starts the battle by a flanc attack, the better way to make a surprise for the third line troops. Being a very meticulous stratege will become very important. Not sure every army will good at that.

The Orc Khan wants also to show of and call for his strong-arm men.

4 – Little Barbarian on the Prairie

That’s huge! One more stretch-goal hammered! For that, we wil give you a new game mode.

Everybody line up to acclaim Cohen Junior, champion of widows and orphans who will come every turn to help the less deadly player.

To deserve it, you’ll have to prove yourself unworthy on the battlefield. But with this invicible hero, you should change the course of the battle.

Donk and Shot are infiltrators and attack the other armies by the flank, a way to take back troops by surprise! Being a well-ordered warlord becomes more important, not sure that some armies are very good at that.

3 – The Archangel enlights his enemies before burning them!


The second stretch-goal has fallen. You unlocked the saint leader of the Order.

The master of the Celestial Paladins Order swoops on the heretics like the holy wrath. Once his chastisement carried out, he flies back to the sky before the next charge, while witches overboost the magical power of your army.

Because of this reinforcement, the other war chiefs beg the defender of lost causes for help.

2 – War angels are falling from the sky!


Awesome! You unlocked the first stretch-goal! And it’s just the beginning.

Celestial Paladins dive from the sky on the battlefield and fly away once their assault is finished. An efficient reinforcement for the Human army.

Now that the battle is engaged, the saint leader of the Order will soon enter the fight. To follow him in the sky, witches of the Pig mountain will harass all his enemies!

1 – FUNDED! Let’s the bloodshed begins

GREAT! The project is funded! You made it so fast!

Thanks to all of you! We are preparing you an amazing campaign! Get ready for a bunch of stretch goals!

Now, it’s time to upgrade your army with some holy soldiers.