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New shipping for Shadow Hunters

Hello everybody,

We well heard you, american and canadian people. We will work on optimization concerning the shipping in order to reduce it. We will do the modifications only next week, when the webmaster return to his office.

For all the North American backers who have already pre-ordered it, we will send you a voucher with a value equal to the difference between the 2 shipping costs.

So, you can wait next week to buy it with the new shipping cost (we will advert you by a news like this one) or buy it now and receive a voucher in some weeks (I will need time to manage it).

posted by Axel the [18/04/2017]

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3 Comments on “New shipping for Shadow Hunters”

  1. avatar 3. Axel said :

    I will speak about that to the webmaster.

  2. avatar 2. Kingprawn said :

    It would also be great if the shopping cart gave us a weight calculation, as then we could choose to add items dependant on your shipping weights to achieve greater value from that added cost.

  3. avatar 1. Kingprawn said :

    That will be lovely, thank you.