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New download: Pointe du Hoc

We have just put online the Pointe du Hoc rules and scenario booklet (kickstarter Shadows over Normandie).

You will find inside :

  • Lighthouse rules
  • Fire rules
  • New recruitment option rules
  • Level and depression rules (same as D-Day)
  • New special abilities rules
  • 2 scenarios
Pointe du Hoc
Download File

posted by Axel the [11/03/2016]

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3 Comments on “New download: Pointe du Hoc”

  1. avatar 3. Axel said :

    No, because we have just released it (since last Autumn). Maybe later, as for Dust, Miller’s rangers, etc.

  2. avatar 2. Guyblin said :

    This is all great… but can you upload the punchboards for us to print out too? Some of us missed the kickstarter and would love to play this! 😉

  3. avatar 1. Mulberry said :

    Je m’attendais à recevoir de nouvelles maps, pas à un tel travail ! Merci les cochons j’ai hâte de recevoir le KS3 pour mettre ça en musique!