New damage rules for heavy vehicles

Heavy vehicles are very important in Warhammer 40,000 conflicts! All armies possess them – the Space Marines with their Rhino and the Orks with their Battlewagon, as examples.

Heroes of Black Reach will change some aspects of these vehicles when compared to those used in our World War 2 setting. Vehicles will act very differently in terms of shielding and damage resistance, especially.  



Heavy Vehicle Defences

Say goodbye to front, side and rear armour values for heavy vehicles! In order to further our desire for greater immersion and to increase the clarity of the unit tokens, these values have been replaced in favour of simpler rules.

In Heroes of Black Reach, heavy vehicles have only one defence value. So, how do we simulate the shielding differences? It is very simple:

  • some special abilities, such as “Frontal Armour” or “Withough Weak Point,” will modify the defence values.  
  • if the vehicle is attacked on the rear edge of the spaces it occupies, it takes a Suppressed marker and suffers a -2 penalty to its defense.



Heavy Vehicle Damage Resistance

In Heroes of Normandie, Damage markers were the same for all heavy vehicles.  This does not work in the Warhammer 40,000 universe because a Battlewagon does not have the same damage resistance as a Rhino!

On each recruitment tile / reinforcement tile / recruitment option linked to a heavy vehicle, you will find these coloured symbols – the colour indicates which set of Damage markers you should use for each heavy vehicle.



Some sets, such as the Rhino, will be composed of only 2 locations while others will have up to 5, making them more resistant!

We have not yet spoken of super-heavy vehicles like the Baneblade or Stompa, which have 6 or 7 locations for Damage markers as well as weapon options that will be removed when you suffer hits 😉



Group Shipping to Reduce Costs!

Some of you, like our Canadian fans, contacted us about shipping costs which you thought were too expensive. Sadly, we cannot control this – our packages are sent from France or USA and are very heavy (a package containing just a Heroes of Black Reach core box weighs 4 kilograms – 8.82lbs).

Our best advice for you is to group your orders.  Take, for example, 5 Canadian gamers.  If you each buy a Chapter offer, shipping will cost 55€ each. However, if you group your orders together, shipping will be split 5 ways and you’ll each pay just 11€!

So, group your orders to reduce shipping costs and enter a Warhammer 40,000 universe powered by the Heroes System: Tactical Scale!


posted by Axel the [27/07/2017]

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2 Comments on “New damage rules for heavy vehicles”

  1. avatar 2. Axel said :

    It is a new game range.

    We must modify the rules depending the universe.

    But we work in order to keep the game system balanced with the other ranges.

  2. avatar 1. Turkeysandwich6 said :

    Stop changing the system so much, its hard to keep relearning