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P500 Pig mode…



In 2019, while we finalize the production and delivery of Heroes of Stalingrad, we will gradually get back to releasing new products. Keeping our games alive by offering you new products seems essential to us. It’s also a necessity if we want to continue the adventure.

We would have liked all our Kickstarters to be delivered, or at least manufactured and in transit, before launching other products. But as time goes by, we must plan ahead our new productions.


As you can imagine from our current situation, it’s essential for us to generate cash to enable us to start any production (except for the Heroes of Stalingrad Kickstarter, which is, as we already indicated, financed), even if we would have preferred to finance a production from our own funds… For the time being, that will not be possible and probably not so in the next two years, but we’re working to get there in the long term, after we recovered from this situation.

We have read your comments and we have decided on a production method that has been recommended by a number of you: P500 (or P1000 depending on the success of the campaigns…).

We have already done a P500 for Shadow Hunters and this experience has been generally positive even though we identified areas of improvement.

How will it work?

At the launch of the campaign, in order to minimize delivery times, the production files of all offered products will be finalized and will have been checked with the factory. You will therefore see all visuals of what was proposed in the campaign.

P500s will take form as short campaigns of maximum 15 days where 2 to 6 products will be offered.

You will have 6 days to reach the indicated level (as is done during Kickstarter campaigns). If this level is reached, we’ll add a few more days to allow more people to join the campaign. The campaign will be validated in its entirety for all products or it will not be validated at all.

This initial 6-day validation delay is imposed on us for technical reasons: we can put a Stripe (an online payment processing platform) payment on hold for six days. If we do not validate the payment within this period, it’s automatically cancelled.

The impossibility of choosing a part of the products for which we are abandoning the P500 is again technical: under Stripe, we cannot lower the amount of payments when we validate them.

As you understood, participation in these P500s will be done exclusively by Stripe because it’s the only payment method that allows us to postpone a payment. Neither our bank nor PayPal offer this flexibility.

Importantly, you will only be debited if the campaign is a success, when we validate it.

Another important point is that only P500 products can be bought with these orders. Mixing P500 products and existing products in the same order generates a lot of management side effects and has caused us problems in the past. We do not want to impose complex management and additional costs generated by these problems on ourselves at this time.

If it works, what happens?

If we validate payments within 6 days, the campaign is a success. Payments are made. We are giving latecomers a few days to join the campaign. As soon as the campaign is over, we place the order for production.

We do not have enough hindsight to tell you how long it will take to deliver. Our target is 3 to 4 months (boat transport from China representing a large part of this time). However, we will refine these deadlines during the first campaigns and we ask, in advance, for understanding. In return, we guarantee you to communicate regularly to keep you informed.

If it doesn’t work, what happens?

If some products were in high demand but other products sunk the campaign, we will immediately offer you a second campaign with only those products that reached the minimums.

The other products will be removed from the range and will no longer be offered at a later date.

If several P500s are failures for the same game, we will question ourselves about ending the corresponding range in order to redirect our energy to other projects.

Will the products be available in the shop?

A priori no. P500s will not be distributed in stores. We will make productions as close as possible to what was sold during the P500. There will therefore sometimes be a few dozen, perhaps a hundred products for sale on our site after deliveries, but this will remain minimal because we want to minimize production and storage costs…

So the only guarantee of getting the products you want, is participating in the P500.

How often and for which games will you make P500s?

We plan to do P500s every 4 to 6 weeks by alternating games (HoN, SoN, HoBR and HoS when it is released and delivered).

This means we will launch P500s without waiting for the previous one to be delivered. It is a conscious choice… It is above all a necessity. We are aware of the risk of not being supported by part of the community in the light of our past… We hope that the measures taken in recent months and the quality of our games will be decisive factors and that sufficient fans will follow us on these projects.

What’s on the agenda?

The first P500, scheduled to be launched in mid-January 2019, will be a reprint of out of stock HoN products which we believe are in high demand:

  • Battleground Storage Box (Terrain Tile storage)
  • US Storage Box
  • GE Storage Box
  • Lord Lovat version 2
  • Battleground Set 2 (Harbor & Hills)
  • Battleground Set 3 (Rails & Roads)

The second one will propose you 2 expansions for HoBR… We’ll show you the exact content later.

The third one will be for Shadows over Normandie (although HoN players may find something to enjoy too):

  • Reprint of SoN Storage Box
  • Cthulhu Mythos Call #3, currently available in Print & Play
  • Battleground Set 4 (Woods & Hills), also available in Print & Play
  • The FFI deck.

And it is not over….

We keep listening. As always, we will read your comments and are ready to adapt our system (as far as possible) and take your comments and suggestions into account.


On behalf of Devil Pig Games,
I wish you
a Happy New Year 2019!

posted by gduprez the [02/01/2019]

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70 Comments on “P500 Pig mode…”

  1. avatar 70. Ivan Boscaro said :

    Hi, I would like to be put in the list of people eventually interested in the reprinting and buying of the “Out of Stock” materials from Heroes of Normandie, such as GE Paratroopers or Devil Pig Gazette number 0 for example… Or similar stuff.
    Then, the issue for me is: how can I enter that list of people ? I did not find anything here on the site that allows the new customers like me to eventually join the lists of people interested into reprints of some products currently “Out of stock” labelled… So… Someone can help me and other new collectors and buyers to avoid being “lost” into the Devil Pig site like I am at this moment ?!?
    lol lol lol

    By the way… Thank you in advance for the help given.

    PS: How can I contact the Devil Pig Dudes in order to ask for them to send to me the products that I bought ?!? I mean… I bought some products some days ago but I still have to receive them and also I do read – in the “commande note” that they still have to process and send the items I already paid… The transaction is done but I ve not my products…
    How can I solicit them to be more quick with products deliveries ?

  2. avatar 69. Sean Guilfoyle said :

    It’s such a shame I can’t support this company, I love the high quality products and the HoN system, but to get 2 to 3 kg of cardboard shipped to Australia costs over 100 dollars !! I wish they could organise a local reseller or warehouse that could bulk-ship. So sad.

  3. avatar 68. Buch said :


  4. avatar 67. JEFF LUPTOWSKI said :


  5. avatar 66. Jorune said :

    How do I sign up to get notified for P500s? I’m in for anything HoBR.

  6. avatar 65. Bob D said :

    This is a great initiative: count me in for that first P500 as a certainty!

    However, is there some way of ‘subscribing’ in order to be instantly notified of a new P500?

    I think this is critical, given the the short run times for the campaigns; and I thought I was already on your email list, but I only heard about this through Bart posting on BGG, which then made me come here and see this page (in other words, I have not received any correspondence from you about P500). It is most likely me not doing something correctly, but any advice would be greatly appreciated, as I would hate to miss that first P500, in particular! I would also suspect that other people are in the same boat, which would risk the P500 not being met due simply to nobody knowing about it.



  7. avatar 64. ipcutler said :

    I will be backing if I have spare cash, especially HOBR as loving the game at present.

  8. avatar 63. hockeydad16k said :

    I live in Canada, and because of the high shipping charges (even from the U.S. store) I can only justify buying from a Canadian store. If these will ship from France, I’ll be totally out. It just costs too much to justify, sometimes the shipping is more than the product. I love HoN and HoBR, and hope there will be more products available that I can purchase locally. The P500 is a great idea, I have 3 orders with GMT right now. I hope you can find a way to print a lot more than the P500 and distribute them to other retailers.

  9. avatar 62. gduprez said :

    J’annonce les première date bientôt.
    Ca marche comme expliqué dans la News. C’est globalement une précommande “normale”…

  10. avatar 61. MND-29 said :

    Quand commence le P500 exactement ?
    Et pour les néophytes qui n’ont jamais participé à cette manip particulière, ça se déroule comment ?

  11. avatar 60. grtiz said :

    Perhaps the SoN investigator deck or even something moving towards Heroes of the Pacific. Between the Commonwealth, US Marines and Navy, Japanese, Chinese and Peoples of the occupied islands not to mention new terrain choices the material is enormous. Perhaps these could arrive in teasers rather than a new full on base game if needed.

  12. avatar 59. gduprez said :


  13. avatar 58. Kuwanan said :

    Vendez nous du rêve les cochons! 🙂 merci pour votre persévérance et bon courage pour le boulot à venir.

  14. avatar 57. Kuwanan said :

    Agree with donnie, it would nice to have more stuff for HOBR. But you have more work on it and it s to early I think. I hope you think about tyranid for the war of macragge.

  15. avatar 56. Donnie said :

    Please produce some more alien factions for 40K before the license runs out. Then I’d love to see a return to Frontiers. I have 3 copies and the expanded content. I helped translate (well enough) the original rules to English on the BGG site. I’d really like to see it updated.

  16. avatar 55. LionSaurus said :

    @gduprez – stay with the W40K license please, it’s a perfect fit for your game! xD

    So these expansions – are we talking more factions? CB

  17. avatar 54. BTEX said :

    Une boite de rangement FFI ?

  18. avatar 53. Gus said :

    Je vous aime!

  19. avatar 52. Colhammer said :

    If your 40K lisence expires, I wouldn’t mind at all if you then moved to your Frontiers setting. I’ve seen the game as it was before the HoN and it looked great. I could really just imagine how the pieces would look as Heroes pieces!
    But first, as many 40K expansions as you can manage!

  20. avatar 51. gduprez said :

    Thank you for the information.
    For now and as long as we have a licensing agreement to continue, we are on the Warhammer 40000 universe in terms of the science fiction range.
    If we were to move on to another futuristic range, I’m not sure we’re going to go for a licensed game.
    I think we would rather take over the world of Frontier…
    But I’m writing down the idea.

  21. avatar 50. almawer said :

    “In 2015, Cabinet Holdings acquired Paradox Entertainment Inc. and all subsidiaries and their properties, including Mutant Chronicles.”

    There is currently a system called Warzone Resurrection released by Prodos Games:

  22. avatar 49. gduprez said :

    No, we haven’t considered a Heroes System version of Mutant Chronicles…. For my personal information, is this universe free of rights?

  23. avatar 48. almawer said :

    Think about the cards. Maybe for the next anniversary of d-day 😉

  24. avatar 47. gduprez said :

    L’ajout de cartes supplémentaires dans les decks de HoN n’est pas prévu pour le moment.
    The addition of additional cards to HoN’s decks is not planned at this time.

  25. avatar 46. almawer said :

    Exactly, did you think about it?

  26. avatar 45. gduprez said :

    “Have you thought about the release the Warzone in Mutant Chronicles?”
    I don’t understand the question? Would you like to know if we are thinking of adapting “Mutant Chronicles” into the Heroes System?

  27. avatar 44. almawer said :

    I know that you have to stabilize your situation for now, but … Have you thought about the release the Warzone in Mutant Chronicles?

  28. avatar 43. almawer said :

    Some new cards. Example:
    Inflatables – to get across the river.
    Rain of grenades – the ability to throw 2 grenades.
    Take the equipment – after the assault you can add grenades / ammunition to the recruitment plate.
    Jam – the unit can not shoot this turn.
    We have a job – remove the Shaked / Routed tag
    Panic – lug the pinet marker on the unit that was hit
    Terrifying – put a pinet marker on all units 2 from your heavy vehicle

  29. avatar 42. gduprez said :

    Thank you for your encouraging feedback on this way of releasing our future products and on the changes in our way of communicating.
    Merci pour vos retours encourageant sur cette façon de sortir nos futurs produits et sur les changements de notre mode de communication.

  30. avatar 41. gduprez said :

    @almawer : Could you clarify your request?

  31. avatar 40. gduprez said :

    Nous allons communiquer avant chaque P500. Je ne sais pas si nous communiquerons à partir d’un mois à l’avance (c’est peut être trop tôt) ou juste 15 jours. Nous allons commencer par donner des informations sur notre site et sur Facebook. Quelques jours avant le début du P500, nous enverrons une Newsletter par mail. Même si c’est une solution efficace, nous ne souhaitons pas multiplier les mails qui peuvent paraitre intrusif à certaines personnes.
    Si vous voyez les choses autrement… ou si vous avez des conseils à nous donner pour optimiser cette communication, je suis à votre écoute 😉
    We will communicate before each P500. I don’t know if we will communicate from one month in advance (maybe it’s too early) or just 15 days. We will start by providing information on our site and on Facebook. A few days before the start of the P500, we will send a Newsletter by email. Even if it is an effective solution, we do not want to multiply the emails that may seem intrusive to some people.
    If you see things differently… or if you have advice to give us to optimize this communication, I am listening to you 😉

  32. avatar 39. Timerron said :

    I agree with Nostradunwhich, some notice so I can budget and not miss out would be appreciated as well.

  33. avatar 38. Timerron said :

    Thanks for being up front on this. I just began my playing with this system and I am grateful to see you reprinting things so I can purchase them. 🙂

  34. avatar 37. Nemesis88 said :

    Oh oui!!!! Les boites de rangements des tuiles terrain et de rangement pour SoN, ce qui me manquait.

  35. avatar 36. Nostradunwhich said :

    It would be nice if you could post an announcement a month or so ahead of the P500 start, so that folks that have to budget can have time to plan for the campaign.

  36. avatar 35. Nagash1959 said :

    Is there going to be some sort of mass email sent out when the campaigns launch? With only six days to hit initial funding it would be cool to get a few days heads up.

  37. avatar 34. LionSaurus said :

    HoBR!!! Yes – I am onboard for HoBR!

  38. avatar 33. Nardo_nardo said :

    ..great work..not alone..😓

  39. avatar 32. Nardo_nardo said :

    Nice idea, I’ll join you from the 2nd p500!! Keep up with the grat work, you’r not aline!

  40. avatar 31. JanHoos said :

    Seems like a good solution! Thanks for the update! Might have to chip in for the hills and rivers battlegrounds…. Although the roads and railroads also sounds interesting gehehe!

  41. avatar 30. Alvaten said :

    Des nouveautés pour Black Reach, c’est top ! J’ai vraiment hâte !

    Sinon merci de ce communiqué, la transparence y a pas mieux.

  42. avatar 29. almawer said :

    Additional cards for HoN?

  43. avatar 28. 1CC Stan said :

    Je comprends bien le problème mais je comprends encore mieux le fait que des P500 qui ne seront proposés qu’une fois, qu’on ne pourra pas prendre, feront que très vite la collection deviendra caduque et qu’on ne pourra plus participé. Raison pour laquelle je vais déjà éliminer Kharnage, SoN, HoBR et HoS de mes jeux et si d’aventure ce n’est pas encore tenable ce sera tout qui passera à la trappe… je n’ai pas une pension de ministre et les DPG ne sont pas mes seuls fournisseurs de wargames.

  44. avatar 27. Colhammer said :

    I won’t be taking part on the 1st P500 (since I already own those things). Sorry.

    I will be very interested in the second P500, more HOBR units! Yeah!

    I ordered the Mythos call 3 from Azao, but in the interest of supporting DPG, will be taking part of the 3rd P500. I want those maps and the FFI deck sounds nice too.

    This P500 “mini kickstarters” sound like a nice way to proceed. Another P500 for SON would be great (Nyarlathotep stuff that was teased before?)

  45. avatar 26. Quickle said :

    This is wonderful news! I’m so happy to hear that you’ll be releasing more products. I think P500 is a great way to go given the circumstances.

    Thank you also for communicating so clearly and in such detail. I appreciate the effort it must have taken to write this post.

  46. avatar 25. Kuwanan said :

    Dernière remarque, peut être qu un mélange de nouveautés et de reprint relancerait mieux la machine niveau attrait commercial des joueurs que des reprint même si c est un peu moins rentable économiquement pour vous. Mais peut être que je me trompe étant un joueur recent.

  47. avatar 24. Kuwanan said :

    Bonne nouvelle pour les boîtes de de rangement SON par contre serait il possible d avoir des autocollants pour les nouvelles extensions sorties depuis et certaines unités recommandées?

    Pour HOBR, des tyranides à opposer aux ultramarines promettraient une superbe campagne (guerre de maccrage, ichar IV,…). Apres les eldars et le chaos sont probablement un meilleur choix commercial.

    Bon courage et j espère que ça va marcher.

  48. avatar 23. chevalierorazur said :

    Je trouve que ce sont de bonnes nouvelles. De mon côté, comme j’ai déjà tout ce qu’il me faut de la première vague, j’attends impatiemment les nouveautés HOBR. Je suis curieux de connaître la suite. Et je suis ravi des nouveautés SON.
    Ça me parait une bonne solution pour tout le monde ces P500.

  49. avatar 22. Private Fred said :

    Bonne nouvelle ! Les Cochons ont la couenne épaisse et l’aventure continue ! 🙂

  50. avatar 21. Nagash1959 said :

    Any chance we can sneak the Commonwealth Storage boxes into the third run?

  51. avatar 20. Eclo said :

    @Nagash, almost a year ago Axel told us on the forum they were working on Chaos and Eldar were next. So I’m hoping. 😉 But anything Space Marines and Orks will do as well (certainly if it contains that missing Ork Stompa)

  52. avatar 19. gduprez said :

    For future HoBR products, we should be able to start showing you things quickly.
    Pour les futurs produits HoBR, nous devrions pouvoir commencer à vous montrer des choses rapidement.

  53. avatar 18. gduprez said :

    @syrriuss: nous pouvons le prévoir si il y a une attente d’un nombre suffisant de joueurs. Je ne suis pas certain qu’il y ait suffisamment de gens intéressé car il y a déjà eu 2 impressions mais le concept même des P500 est de tenter et de voir s’il y a encore un public suffisant. J’en parle à Yann & Clem et on voit si on planifie ou pas et quand.

  54. avatar 17. gduprez said :

    @1CC Stan: Je comprends clairement le problème que tu évoques… si ça peut te rassurer, on sera certainement plus proche des 6 semaines… Car une fois encore, nos capacités de production reste limitée.
    Après, il faut répondre à des attentes variées et opposées:
    – sortir des produits pour tous les jeux “régulièrement”, c’est à dire au moins 2 ou 3 fois par ans > ceux qui ont les 3 jeux et veulent tout avoir seront sollicités plus souvent et la facture sera plus importante.
    – ne pas faire des P500 pour un seul produit > cela rend les frais de port rapidement insupportable pour certaines personnes à juste titre. C’est la principale critique que nous avons reçu pour Shadow Hunters. En proposant plusieurs produits, on limite cet effet et on apporte une réponse à la critique faite par la communauté.
    Je m’arrête là mais je pense que tu as compris l’esprit de cette équation difficile à résoudre pour satisfaire le plus de monde possible…
    I clearly understand the problem you’re talking about… if it makes you feel any better, we’ll certainly be closer to the 6 weeks… Because once again, our production capacity remains limited.
    Afterwards, it is necessary to meet varied and opposite expectations:
    – release products for all games “regularly”, i.e. at least 2 or 3 times a year > those who have all 3 games and want to have everything will be solicited more often and the bill will be higher.
    – do not make P500s for a single product > this makes shipping costs quickly unbearable for some people rightly. This is the main criticism we received for Shadow Hunters. By offering several products, this effect is limited and the community’s criticism is addressed.
    I stop there but I think you have understood the spirit of this equation difficult to solve to satisfy as many people as possible….

  55. avatar 16. Nagash1959 said :

    @Eclo, My bet is Imperial Guard, so they can just scribble helmets on the US Rangers and call it a day. 😉

    But yeah, I’d love to see new races, but without an idea of just how big the P500 projects can get I’d bet it will be, at least for now, expansions to the marines and orks. What I’d love to see is for them to do a corrected Cassius and …Ork name #1… and add in the dude from the website, since I got the game as a gift and have no way to get the store exclusive Ork dude. I’d gladly pay a few bucks to add him in to another project…

  56. avatar 15. gduprez said :

    Non, pour l’instant rien pour Kharnage.
    Il faut prendre en compte qu’on n’est plus que 3 (Yann, Clem et moi). Nous devons faire des choix… Et nous avons fait celui de nous recentrer sur les jeux de la gamme Heroes System.
    Nous parlerons de Kharnage dans une prochaine News et quand nous aurons de la visibilité sur la suite de cette gamme.

  57. avatar 14. beleg01 said :

    Ne t’inquiètes pas Stan… Pour ma méga collection HoN par exemple, il suffit d’attendre la 3eme impression et de commander un Deck et un Battle Ground Set.
    Pas de quoi trop se ruiner…

  58. avatar 13. syrriuss said :

    « Nous restons à votre écoute: »
    Alors si vous pouviez remettre le normandie elite squad dans un des futurs P500…

  59. avatar 12. Eclo said :

    Seems like a good concept, we’ll have to see how it goes with the first 3 P500 projects.

    The first I’m going to skip (already have those items) but from the 2nd I’m joining.

    2 HoBR items… I’m guessing Eldar and Chaos expansions !! (which would be sweet)

  60. avatar 11. 1CC Stan said :

    Il va falloir être très riche pour pouvoir tout prendre toutes les 4 à 6 semaines et je doute que ce soit une bonne idée de faire du 2 à 6 produits chaque fois. Triste pour les fans et collectionneurs. Vu ma pension je pense vite crier pouce !

  61. avatar 10. Denis said :

    Des extensions HoBR !!! Youpi !!!

  62. avatar 9. Nagash1959 said :

    Well then…looks like I’ll be keeping a close eye on this. US Army Storage shall be mine!

  63. avatar 8. Thomas L said :


    Rien de prévu pour Kharnage ??

  64. avatar 7. Axe said :

    Content de voir la machine se relancer. Cependant aucun des 3 premiers ne m’intéresse. À la limite des éléments du 3e, mais je ne payerai pas pour des choses que je n’utilise pas. Qu’en est-il des avions?

  65. avatar 6. Thomas L said :


    Rien pour kharnage ???

  66. avatar 5. Xavier_S said :

    Excellent concept. 🙂

  67. avatar 4. gduprez said :

    For P500s, you can choose to order only the products you want. No obligation to buy everything.
    Pour les P500, vous pourrez choisir de ne commander que les produits que vous voulez. Aucune obligation de tout acheter.

    Donc oui beleg01, tu pourras acheter uniquement les Battleground Set Woods & Hills et le deck FFI. 😉

  68. avatar 3. gduprez said :

    There will be a dispatch from the United States for P500s (as for Kickstarters) to limit shipping costs as much as possible for our American customers (we understood the message from Gazette N°8).
    Loyalty discounts apply to the P500 and are added to the sum of orders.
    Il y aura un dispatch depuis les Etats-Unis pour les P500 (comme pour les Kickstarters) pour limiter les frais de port autant que possible pour nos clients américains (nous avons compris le message depuis la Gazette N°8).
    Les réductions à vie s’appliquent au P500 et viennent s’ajouter à la somme des commandes.

  69. avatar 2. beleg01 said :

    P500 veut bien dire une production exclusive de 500 produits ?
    Serait il possible pour la 3eme impression de commander seulement :
    – Le Battle Ground Set Woods & Hills (qui de mémoire n’est pas encore sortie officiellement dans la gamme HoN).
    – Le Deck FFI.

  70. avatar 1. Nagash1959 said :

    So…shipping…will US buyers have to pay for shipping from Europe? And will shop members be able to apply their discounts to things, or at least have what they buy contribute to their shop total?