P500 N°1 – Kick-off

That’s it, here we go. Since 6pm, the first P500 Pig mode is launched!!!!!


On the program, the reprints of the most requested out-of-stock products.

I remind you that you only have until Saturday, February 2, 2019 at 12:00 p. m. French time to reach the target set to finance this P500 campaign.

This objective is set at 15,000 euros.

If it is not reached, nothing will be printed and we will consider that the products we offer you can be permanently out of stock.

You will only be charged if this objective is met.

Find all the information on the mechanics of the P500 here:


We hope you will answer present
in order to validate this new method of financing our products.


posted by gduprez the [28/01/2019]

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40 Comments on “P500 N°1 – Kick-off”

  1. 40. Nigel said :

    Got my receipt too, hope is this good news?

  2. 39. Dred ZeRed said :

    More news (good news) will come this afternoon. 😀
    (It’s mid-day in France)

  3. 38. coudalaportiere said :

    Same for me, I’ve received 2 mails indicating that the transaction was processed….hoping we were close enough from the target to have validated it.
    Moreover, as I’ve already said, it’s easy to sell few dozen of each set to web stores and this represent more that the missing amount.
    Waiting confirmation from the Pigs….

  4. 37. lostb0y said :

    I’ve just received a receipt for my payment via email. Looks like it’s going ahead even though it didn’t reach the target. Here’s hoping.. Or am I missing something? €12,500 is pretty good going for 6 days and not far off the target.

  5. 36. socialdejo@gmail.com said :

    Just threw in my wallet. Good luck pigs.

  6. 35. JEFF LUPTOWSKI said :


  7. 34. gduprez said :

    The same customer may have ordered products that have reached the limit and others that have not. I cannot change the amount of the payment. So either I validate everything or I don’t validate anything.
    Le même client peut avoir commandé des produits qui ont atteint la limite et d’autres non. Je ne peux pas modifier le montant du paiement. Donc soit je valide tout, soit je ne valide rien.

  8. 33. gduprez said :

    Soyons positif. Que nous atteignons l’objectif ou non, cette campagne sera pleine d’enseignements. Nous comprenons mieux vos attentes grace à elle. Cela nous permettra d’affiner nos offres dans le futur.
    Il y aura bientôt un autre P500 mais cette fois-ci pour des nouveautés.
    Soyons positif!
    Let’s be positive. Whether we achieve the goal or not, this campaign will be full of lessons. We better understand your expectations thanks to it. This will allow us to refine our offers in the future.
    There will soon be another P500 but this time for something new.
    Let’s be positive!

  9. 32. acor03 said :

    Done my order, hope we manage …

  10. 31. dafrca said :

    I understand the 6 day limit, you really have only two choices this or a crowd funding (KS for example) and the crowd funding costs money when they take a cut off the top.

    What I admit I found odd on this was the “all or nothing” approach to the full list/mix of products. This means if folks wanted product X but not product Y the lack of orders for Y also kills X. If you are willing to share, was this a manufacturing issue that caused this creating a group of mixed products?

  11. 30. arkanejel said :

    24 hours to go, and still half way to go. Disappointing 🙁

  12. 29. Dred ZeRed said :

    Merci @gduprez.
    Misère, il n’y a plus qu’a croiser les doigts de pieds alors ^^”

  13. 28. gduprez said :

    En fait, le délai n’est pas un choix mais un impératif technique. Exactement 6 jours après la commande, si nous n’avons pas validé le prépaiement, celui-ci est automatiquement annulé.
    Donc à partir du moment de la première précommande nous devons prendre une décision avant les 6 jours: on arrête, on prend un risque, on valide…
    In fact, the deadline is not a choice but a technical imperative. Exactly 6 days after the order, if we have not validated the prepayment, it is automatically cancelled.
    So from the moment of the first pre-order we have to make a decision before 6 days: we stop, we take a risk, we validate…

  14. 27. Dred ZeRed said :

    J’avoue être assez surpris du choix de samedi 12h00 pour la clôture de l’objectif. Pourquoi se priver des 2 jours du WE pour financer ces P500?

  15. 26. pozz70 said :

    I think the window is too small. I mean less than six days to raise 15K? You need at least another week to raise that kind of cash I reckon, but I haven’t given up hope just yet. ; )

  16. 25. Nigel said :

    This is a great idea but its not looking good at the moment under 48hrs left and not even half way I am totally gutted I just hope you guys at Devil Pig don’t take this personal you make first rate games of the highest quality and have a loyal and devoted fan base (it just seems we don’t have any money!!)

  17. 24. BTEX said :

    Reste moins de 48h et la moitié de la somme attendue n’est même pas atteinte.
    J’espère que ça ne condamnera pas définitivement les box de rangement si la P500 n’est pas validé.

  18. 23. coudalaportiere said :

    J’espère que vous avez aussi contacté les grosses sociétés de vente de jeux du Web, qui seraient forcement partante pour acheter au moins une dizaine d’exemplaire chacune, ceci ferait bondir le montant du P500 de plusieurs milliers d’euros !

    Si ce n’est pas déjà fait, merci d’essayer de les faire participer a ce premier P500 car il n’augmente plus bien vite et il reste encore presque les 2/3 du chemin à faire ! ;(

  19. 22. Kuwanan said :

    If the objective is not reach, they relaunch a quick p500 with only the items that have been worked with a lesser objective. If I have well riden the explanation of the devil pig p500.

  20. 21. dafrca said :

    I just realized that a single objective was given. Does this mean all six items either make it or don’t? Is each P500 an all or nothing? Or is it by product?

  21. 20. bartdevuyst said :

    Thanks a lot, Guillaume! Excellent news!

  22. 19. gduprez said :

    Pour la boite de rangement de tuiles de terrain, nous allons ajouter ces autocollants.
    For the Battleground Storage boxes, we will add these stickers.

  23. 18. bartdevuyst said :

    I would also like to see an updated sticker sheet for the Battleground Storage boxes! There are no stickers for Shadow Hunters, Radar Station & Factory, the Ventura and the upcoming Woods & Hills Terrain Pack. And what about the Arnhem and Vercors maps? Anyway, there’s still a lot of room on that sheet to replace some of the blank stickers with dedicated ones.

  24. 17. gduprez said :

    L’objectif est ambitieux mais nous comptons sur vous!
    The objective is ambitious but we are counting on you!

  25. 16. gduprez said :

    We will give you a short communication on the new generic WW2 storage which is the only new feature of this P500. Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow at the very latest.
    Nous allons vous faire une petite communication sur la nouvelle boite de rangement générique qui est la seule nouveauté de ce P500. Demain ou après-demain au pire.

  26. 15. Eclo said :

    Another question. Is it possible to update the sticker sheet of the Battlefield Storage box ? Shadow Hunters does not have a sticker yet, Battleground Set 4 should also require one and perhaps others (that I forgot now) as well. Thanks

  27. 14. Nostradunwhich said :

    I will second the call for some more info on the new generic WW2 storage. At least a list of the unit stickers if not the graphics would be helpful. I am also curious what the lid of one of the drawers looks like.

  28. 13. BTEX said :

    Seulement 5 jours pour atteindre 15000€, ça me semble compliqué.
    Je croise les doigts, et je fais une petite commande bien entendu …

  29. 12. Axe said :

    Pas besoin. Mais je vous souhaite un beau succès pour ce nouveau départ de production

  30. 11. LionSaurus said :

    Good luck – I have all of it so going to wait for P500 N°2.

  31. 10. dafrca said :

    Just curious, has this been announced to the old Kick Starter list? I didn’t see it but maybe I missed the notice.

  32. 9. bartdevuyst said :

    15.000 is a long way. Let’s hope we make it! 🙂

  33. 8. Eclo said :

    Which stickers will be included in the WWII storage boxes ? The picture (in the shop) shows an entire page with 24 stickers. It seems HoN & SoN will both be covered. Do you have a list ? (the images are still WIP I know 😉 )

  34. 7. Kuwanan said :

    Vous n avez pas une fonction pour écrire à tous les membres du forum pour faire une annonce à tous vos clients?

  35. 6. dafrca said :

    I like the idea of this new method, I am just not in need of any of these items. However I wish you the best of luck on this first try of the P500 process.

  36. 5. Kuwanan said :

    Question. Peut on modifier sa commande pour ajouter de choses dans les jours à venir afin d aider à débloquer sans repayer les 10 euros de fdp à chaque fois ou est ce que ce n est pas possible? Je croise les doigts pour qu on atteigne le seuil.

  37. 4. pozz70 said :

    Just placed my order, good luck fellas. : )

  38. 3. gduprez said :

    Relayez l’info au maximum 😉

  39. 2. Nox said :

    J’espère que l’objectif sera atteint, je serai bien dégoûté de rater cette (dernière ?) Chance d’acquérir ces produit fort pratiques quand on a pratiquement toute la gamme a ranger !

  40. 1. Francky1472 said :

    C’est fait !! 😉