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P500 – Battleground Set #4 – Woods & Hills Preview


Numerous members of the community pointed out that the swamps and caves of the Shadows over Normandie core box were interesting and colorful terrain to play with, but that they were also very typical… and in the long run people were hindered by always walking in the mud. With Shadow Hunters, we introduced a few forest and hill terrain tiles to the Shadows over Normandie range, which, at the time, could be combined with the tiles from Battleground Set #2 – Harbor & Hills.

These generic tiles were very well received end we therefore decided to create a Battleground Set with very neutral terrain containing only hills and forests.

These tiles let you create battlefields situated in Normandie just as well as other parts of France or Europe, making this Battleground Set a nice addition for the Shadows over Normandie player’s collection, but also for the Heroes of Normandie and Heroes of Stalingrad fans.

This set is conceived to offer you a large amount of possible configurations.


When combined with the tiles from Shadow Hunters and/or Battleground Set #2, you’ll be able to easily multiply the possibilities. Obviously, if you own two copies of Battleground Sets #4, you’ll increase the amount of combinations once again.


In a couple of days I’ll show you the Choir of Nightmares, a new promo unit for the Mythos faction.


And don’t forget this P500’s launch date:

Monday, June 3rd, 18h00 (French Time)

posted by gduprez the [22/05/2019]

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4 Comments on “P500 – Battleground Set #4 – Woods & Hills Preview”

  1. avatar 4. LL_cool_aid1 said :

    is a battleground set 4 available for purchase or were these made only as P&P?

  2. avatar 3. Bokrug said :

    The same thing happens on WH4-A…

  3. avatar 2. Bokrug said :

    In the upper left corner of WH5-A, there seems to be a “straggler” square of forest that maybe should have its own stats (+1 defense, -1 LOS) printed on it. Yes, I KNOW it is tied to the same type of forest diagonally adjacent to it, but the elevation line blotted out that tie.

  4. avatar 1. thia74 said :

    Il est à noter qu’il existe déjà 6 scénarios historique HoN utilisant ces plateaux terrains
    Disponibles dans la sections scénarios du forum : les premières neiges de sang