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P500 for Shadows over Normandie, coming soon!


After multiple incantations and long ungodly rituals, we succeeded in drawing a powerful Mythos entity’s attention. After a P500 for Heroes of Normandie (in production), a preorder for Heroes of Black Reach (in finalization phase with the factory), we’ll launch

a second P500 for Shadows over Normandie on Monday,
June 3rd, 2019 at 18h00 (French Time).

Prooving that our prayers are heard, this P500 contains a good amount of material and should fulfill both new players and veterans.

On the agenda:

  • Cthulhu Mythos Call #3, containing 4 punchboards – already proposed as a Print & Play expansion at the beginning of 2018 – and a booklet with the rules and 3 scenarios. These new battles set Heinrich Von Kamptz’ Black Suns against the Investigators led by Ariane Dubois.
  • Battleground Set #4 – Woods & Hills – already proposed as a Print & Play expansion at the beginning of 2018 as well. This expansion of 6 terrain tiles lets you create numerous generic battlefields for your games of Shadows over Normandie, as well as Heroes of Normandie and even Heroes of Stalingrad.
  • Because these new terrains are largely used in the Cthulhu Mythos Call #3 scenarios, we’re offering a bundle with a promotional punchboard thrown in for the occasion. This punchboard is dedicated to a new unit for the Mythos faction: The Choir of Nightmares.
  • Because we created the sewers for Heroes of Stalingrad, it seemed obvious that this new environment is perfect for Shadows over Normandie players too, therefore, this new Battleground Set will be available in this P500.
  • Obviously, we can’t propose sewers without populating them with creatures. Cthulhu Mythos Call #4, composed of 3 punchboards, allows you to play with a Ghoul Clan (demanded by Shadows over Normandie Kickstarter backers at the end of the campaign). It contains ghouls, a ghoul priest (whose illustration you already admired a couple of days ago) and thematic terrain elements converting the sewers into a magnificently evil place.
  • Here too, a product bundle saves a little money, for those offering their ghouls a worthy territory.
  • Finally, this P500 is the perfect occasion to propose a new generic storage box for Shadows over Normandie. Veteran players can complete their storage system, and those who weren’t invested yet can now store their entire collection. Each box contains two sheets with 24 stickers to organize according to your wishes and preferences.

In order to validate this P500 campaign, we fixed the minimum amount that needs to be reached in one week, before Sunday, June 9th, 2019 at 18h00 (French time). You must pay with Stripe (an online payment processor), unfortunately, PayPal’s policy doesn’t allow pre-orders.

As long as the minimum goal is not reached, you are not debited.

If we validate this campaign, we’ll add a supplementary week (until Monday, June 17th, 18h00 French Time) for the community to join this P500.

See you on Monday, June 3rd, 18h00
(again, French Time that is)!

Don’t hesitate to regularly visit our website. In the coming days, I’ll describe each of these new P500 products in detail and show you the corresponding images.

posted by gduprez the [20/05/2019]

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8 Comments on “P500 for Shadows over Normandie, coming soon!”

  1. avatar 8. yann said :

    On vas bientôt lancer la prod, désoler pour le retard mais on as traverser une période compliqué et je traite les dossier un par un.
    Ca vas etre un peu long mais vous serez livré.

  2. avatar 7. Sev said :

    On en est où ?

  3. avatar 6. yann said :

    Le P500 est fini ce mois ci j’ais eu confirmation de l’usine aujourd’hui.
    Stalingrad par en Production cette semaine.
    Les fichiers de prod de HoBr sont fini et c’est notre prochaine production.
    On les envois les un derriere les autres en ce moment

  4. avatar 5. Nemesis88 said :

    Ouuuiiii. Je prend tout!!!! J’attendais les rangements de SoN depuis longtemps. 🙂
    Par contre, il y a beaucoup de chose en attente du coup.
    Il y a le P500 precedent, ce P500, le Bundle Pack Orc de HoBr, Heroes of stalingrad…

  5. avatar 4. Khador62 said :

    Vous pourrez compter sur moi pour ce P500 !!

  6. avatar 3. kenofyork said :

    Looking forward to this. Sound like great new options.

  7. avatar 2. Desparite said :

    Super nouvelle ! J’ai hâte de voir ces upgrades de réseaux d’égouts.

  8. avatar 1. slyfox said :

    As a HoN and HoS fan, I am interested in Battleground Set #4 – Woods & Hill. All depends on the shipping price.