Piggy Friday 2023 !



Hello Soldiers!

Like every year, it’s time for Piggy Friday! Sorry, Piggy Summer!

You’ll find Special Offer ranging from 20% to 50% off, yes, you read that right 50%off!

Don’t wait any longer and complete your collection with the products you’ve been missing!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: the shop will close its doors definitively on August 28, 2023.

It will return in a different form a few months later. So now’s your chance to find the products you’ve been dreaming of, but which may no longer be available.


posted by [Devil-Pig] Sroker the [28/07/2023]

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6 Comments on “Piggy Friday 2023 !”

  1. avatar 6. [Devil-Pig] Sroker said :

    Bonjour, oui les réductions seront reportées sur la prochaine boutique.

  2. avatar 5. nagash44 said :

    Oui il serai important de savoir :-/

  3. avatar 4. Axl Dread said :

    Bonne question Remestone. J’ose espérer que oui.
    Si un “Cochon Officiel” peut confirmer ce serait sympa.
    Ou infirmer (ce qui serait moins sympa…)

  4. avatar 3. Remestone said :

    Petite question, est ce que nos réductions de fidélité seront encore valables dans le prochain shop ?

  5. avatar 2. Axl Dread said :

    @Beanie : The DPG @Shop will definitely close in its current state on next August 28th.
    Then it will come back, in another, reworked (I guess) shape in a couple of months.

    So ALL products will become unavailable here on DPG website for this delay until their @shop reopens. A few months after August (and the actual Piggy Summer 2023 sale) end.

    This is at least what I have understood after having read, in my French first language, above.

    I hope I was able to answer your question.

  6. avatar 1. Beanie said :

    What products will be going? Version 1?