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Update 10/01/2018: New version of the files

“How did we get to this?”

As you know, during the past months the Pigs have been extremely busy (that’s putting it mildly) :
finalisation of the cardgame KS as well as that of Age of Towers, add to that of course, the creation of Black Reach.

Meanwhile, since HoN and SoN were lying somewhat dormant, I tried to create units, tiles, markers and other options. Thanks to Clem and Yann who generously gave precious advice and granted access to the rich graphic library of Devil Pig, I have been equiped with both intel and means to embark on this adventure which is in all quite new to me.

But where to begin? Clearly, the problem was not finding an idea but choosing the right one from my vast amount of ideas… The arrival of the FFI dice and order tokens tilted the balance. Reading up on the subject along with finding several internet images pertaining to the French Resistance provided inspiration. My vision on how this page of our history is intertwined with the secret war in the universe of Achtung Cthulhu prompted me to create a new FFI unit and different options.

For a long time I wanted to expand this faction so as to turn it into a complete and in certain cases independent army. Initially made to represent only the French Resistance, an FFI army can be used to depict any group of civilians that has taken up arms, regardless of their nationality in the scenario or whether they are deployed in the HoN or SoN universe. I spent many hours in front of my screen, with trials and errors, corrections, new attempts… So finally today, I have the pleasure of presenting to you, my first punchboard. It is approved by Yann and Clem and validated as an official DPG product.

Get your scissors!

Those that wish to make one sided prints, then assemble the counters using cardboard or spare errata DPG counters can download this file :

P&P - FFI punchboard 1 - One sided print
Download File

If you want to print front and backside directly (best use 300 g paper), download this file :

P&P – FFI PUNCHBOARD 1 – front and backside print
Download File

“That may be OK for you, but I prefer a completely finished product!”

Regardless of how hard I hope for it (or how many human sacrifices are made to influence the outcome…) : even though it counts as an official DPG product, to this day, I cannot give you any guarantee this will ever be released in an officially printed version.
Meanwhile, for the first time and to meet expectations of several players we decided to suggest an alternative solution to obtain a print Print & Play. We sent all the necessary files for this punchboard to a company specialised in the fabrication of boardgame prototypes. If you would like a proper print you can contact this company and order the punchboard from them.

Please read the following :
– Although they did validate the concept, Devil Pig is not financially involved in this agreement. If a problem should occur (slight chance but not impossible), this must be taken up with Azao Games. The After Sales Department of Devil Pig can not assist you.
– Azao Games makes products in small quantities. The result is of very good quality but the production, bit by bit and on demand, can take several weeks depending upon the planning of the company and the number of people who made an order. Please be patient, especially if this turns out to be a successful event.

If you want to give this a try, here are the coordinates for AZAO GAMES:
Ask them the desired number of “AZ001 – La cellule Du Guesclin – punchboard N°1” prints. They cost 15 euros taxes included + shipping depending on destination.

If you have access to punchboard machines and are able to make your own, the necessary files can be downloaded here :

P&P - FFI punchboard 1 - proper print
Download File

“We want more!!!”

During the coming weeks I will unveil the rest of this project. Without spilling the beans all at once (that wouldn’t be fun), you can expect the appearance of both HoN and SoN scenarios for these units, other downloadable files and more…

If some among you feel like helping me out, that will be possible. Please send me a PM or join the appropriate Forum thread to get started.


posted by gduprez the [20/12/2017]

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10 Comments on “P&P – FFI PUNCHBOARD 1”

  1. avatar 10. Mikido said :

    Merci ! Beau travail, j’ai hâte d’essayer.

  2. avatar 9. Yves said :

    Super boulot. Bravo !

  3. avatar 8. Hellraiser70 said :

    Merci, votre travail est exceptionnel 🙂

  4. avatar 7. cyrille said :

    Magnifique est trop petit .tu as fait un super boulo .merci à toi

  5. avatar 6. lucs said :

    Un grand merci et sourtout superd boulo

  6. avatar 5. gduprez said :

    Effectivement, le verso n’avait pas le bon picto.
    C’est corrigé… Ainsi que quelques autres petites erreurs.
    Merci du retour.

  7. avatar 4. SAPEUR said :

    Super boulot gduprez, mais il y aurais pas un problème avec Michel il est invincible 🤔

  8. avatar 3. bartdevuyst said :

    Cool work!

  9. avatar 2. Derf said :

    Thanks guys, these look great. +1 for the partnership with the printing company.

  10. avatar 1. Pippin123 said :

    I didn’t look at the units yet, but I must say the concept of a partnerhsip with a professional printing company is an excellent idea.