HoBR pre-orders: soon at your home!

We saw that many of you were worried about Heroes of Black Reach. Here is where the situation is, it can be said that it is almost on your doorstep.

World Shop: the games arrived at Meeple Logistics (the dispatcher) last Monday. With the delay, we missed our dispatch slot. They must finish their current dispatch. They will try to start private pre-orders before finishing it but nothing sure. The rest will be sent from the week of October 8 normally.

US Store: The games will arrive at the harbor mid-October (maybe a little before), the boat is on the way.

To show you that HoBR do exist, we received cartons at the office, coming from stocks at Meeple Logistics.

posted by Axel the [26/09/2018]

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10 Comments on “HoBR pre-orders: soon at your home!”

  1. avatar 10. Arty said :

    If this is true I am happy but why send us such a confusing email to sound as though it’s all a lot worse?
    Anyway I hope to see my products soon

  2. avatar 9. Snarffboy said :

    That’s great to hear and looking forward to it in the UK!

  3. avatar 8. Donald Jester said :

    What about those of us still waiting on Heroes of Normandy Card game. we have been waiting over 2 years since the kick starter ended.

  4. avatar 7. chevalierorazur said :

    Ça fait plaisir toutes ces news depuis quelques jours.

  5. avatar 6. Eclo said :

    Thanks !! Great news

  6. avatar 5. gduprez said :

    C’est chez le dispatcher donc je ne crois pas que ce soit possible de venir au bureau.

  7. avatar 4. alahel said :


    même question que Foch94 (même si j’imagine que quasiment tout est chez le dispatcher)


  8. avatar 3. Foch94 said :

    Ce n’est pas possible de venir récupérer du matos “HOBR” directement chez mes cochons préférés ?

  9. avatar 2. gduprez said :

    Petite approximation dans les infos que j’ai transmises hier. C’est corrigé par cette News. 😉

  10. avatar 1. Colhammer said :

    Good to know. Thanks for the info!