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First news about Age of Towers!


In the Celestial Order kingdom (you know it, at the right of the orcs who shout “KHARNAGE!”), our town at the foot of Ilyria mountain is in danger!

We have just found a mine full of energy crystals! Those we use for our magic power each day. The problem is we found hordes of monsters too. And, to help nothing, the other towns seem to have found the mine too. We have no choice, it’s us or them, with the monsters in the middle…

Build towers to defend us and send monsters to where they came from (or to your neighbours, it works too).

Age of Towers is a Tower Defense boardgame, designed by Guillaume Mazoyer, illustrated by Gäel Denhard, and colorized by Olivier Derouetteau, in the Kharnage universe, for 2 to 4 players, for a duration of 60 minutes, from 14 years old.


  Work In Progress (Mine exit, Player board)

Tower Defense, what is it?

The Tower Defense, also called TD for short, is a game type where the player must defend him against hordes of monsters by building defensive towers or, sometimes, by sending his heroes to fight. These monsters follow a predefined path in order to reach your town and deal damages. Towers may evolve during the game and may have different powers.


  Tower Defense technical drawing by  Great Magisterium Mirlen of the Celestial Order

This type of game is appeared first in video games like Starcraft, then in Warcraft 3 in which a lot of Tower Defense were created, with a high diversity (cooperative, competitive, with or without heroes, etc.). Since, many Tower Defense, as Kingdom Rush, have been proposed in Flash games, on mobile phone, etc.



  Starcraft (Blizzard), Warcraft 3 (Blizzard), Kingdom rush (Armor games)  

Beware however to distinguish the Tower Defense to the Castle Defense, which is different, with different game feelings, where hordes of monsters attack directly your town or castle.

To resume, a Tower Defense, it’s:

  • a path who is followed by different type of monsters,
  • towers, building throughout the path, which may evolve and have powers,
  • a place to defend,
  • management.

Now that the bases (of the tower) are here, the origin of Age of Towers and the project!



And what about Age of Towers?

Guillaume Mazoyer, the designer, is a huge fan of this game type and wished to pay tribute to them by creating a board game with these mecanisms. He wanted to transcribe every feature of the video game to the board game, a field in which, if the Castle Defense is rather numerous, the real Tower Defense remains rare.



Guillaume Mazoyer

For this, he was able to adapt or retranscribe whenever it was necessary. It took many tests to adjust and give this management flavor, but also this touch of interactivity so that the players do not play each in their corner, because Age of Towers is competitive, but interactive too in the relationship between players. It is not a game for Care Bears!




Our encounter with Guillaume is fortuitous, a discovery on Facebook. An appointment made at Cannes 2015 and it was a crush! After the long work of publishing with Guillaume, we are finally ready to present it to you and to launch a fundraising campaign for the game!

Following the success of the graphic universe created by Gä (Gäel Denhard) for Kharnage, it quickly became clear to us that Age of Towers had to take place in this crazy mediaeval fantasy universe. He will make the drawings again, with Olivier Derouetteau for colorization.



  Our 2 bald guys: Gaël and Olivier

And now?


It will be the Kickstarter project the January 16th 2017 (12:00 PST – 20:00 UTC+1)!

But until then, we will publish more news in order to speak more about Age of Towers!

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posted by Axel the [15/12/2016]

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