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Preview KS: Radar station & Factory

Here is the first preview of this new terrain set, from this KS campaign. It’s not the final version!

If you find any error, please tell us on this forum thread:

  • Factory & Radar station: Forum










posted by Axel the [16/06/2016]

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4 Comments on “Preview KS: Radar station & Factory”

  1. avatar 4. yann said :


  2. avatar 3. Maurice said :


    ou peut on acheter ces tiles ?

    est-ce du contenu numérique ?

  3. avatar 2. Normandyfan said :

    Awesome, when will it be available?

  4. avatar 1. jefaille said :

    Une magnifique et tres bonne premiere impression de ces planches, que d’options HoN et SoN, j’adore les versos