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Ork Freebooterz are notorious pirates and thieves, plying the void in smoking, sparking ships with the intent of causing as much mayhem and destruction as possible. They prey upon anyone foolish enough to stray into their hunting grounds, screaming out of the dark on plumes of fire to blast apart their foes. When an enemy vessel is crippled or foolishly tries to surrender, the Freebooterz will smash their way on board, killing anything that moves and stealing anything that doesn’t. The Freebooterz will then haul their booty back to their hidden bases and count their ill-gotten gains.



When a Warboss wants to invade a planet, he calls on fleets of Freebooterz to see off enemy ships and clear the way for the Orks to get down to the surface. For this service Freebooterz claim exorbitant scavenging rights as well as a fortune in teef, and a Warboss has little choice but to pay up if he wants their help, as Freebooterz that don’t get their price often simply vanish into the void in search of more loot. Even if a Freebooter’s terms are met, he might still get distracted by better prospects, the lure of easy plunder enough to sway most kaptins.

From the Codex Ork, 7e ed.


A 250 army points warband made with the Freebooterz and the core box



Kaptin Doomskorcha

Flash Gitz with their options

Freebooterz Runtherd and Gretchins with their options

1 Freebooterz Battlewagon

Wargear and Upgrade Options

Rule sheets in french and english



Warhammer 40,000 is all about big guys in armor, like the Space Marines and their power armour. So, today we will speak about the new special ability: the Armour Save!

This special ability doesn’t appear on the unit token, but instead on the recruitment tile/reinforcement tile/recruitment option.  This means that all the units associated with this tile/option will have this special ability! Ok, but how does it work?

The Armour Save ability will give you the chance to avoid some hits if you play an Action Card marked with the same symbol as the Armour Save special ability. This Action Card requires  you to roll a die – if you roll  equal to or higher than the value indicated by the tile/option Armour Save symbol, then the unit doesn’t take the hit! Even better, this roll is unaffected by Suppression markers!



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