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PUNCHBOARD PREVIEW – Heroes of Normandie v2


To start 2019 off right, we are pleased to unveil provisional visuals for the punchboards of Heroes of Normandie version 2. You may have noticed that the English version is out of stock and stocks of the French version are rapidly shrinking. So it’s time to reprint boxes but we don’t think we’d be satisfied with just a simple reprint. In four years, the graphic level of our products has continued to improve and we think that our signature game deserves a makeover!

As you will discover, we decided to start from version 1 instead of a complete redo with all new content. Why? Because the core box is necessary for almost all official scenarios. If we would completely change the core box content, newcomers to the community wouldn’t be able to play the expansion scenarios. And more than anything, the richness and attractiveness of the Heroes System also comes from the large number of expansions. In order to not make the whole range obsolete, the new version will contain the equivalent of the v1 core box.

Therefore we started with a graphic update of Heroes of Normandie, as you’ll see below.

We also optimised the punchboards to bring in even more material, because over the years, we also gradually learned to put more content into as many punchboards.

But version 2 is not only a graphic improvement of version 1… It’s also and particularly:

  • Characters with a slot and some Customization Options to boost heroes to their rightful place in the Heroes System,
  • Units with the same composition as before (for compatibility reasons mentioned above) but with different colour stripes in order not to discard the units of the first version,
  • The basis of the new aviation system,
  • A new rule booklet with the version 2 rules,
  • A new scenario booklet including the best scenarios from version 1 but also with new scenarios,
  • The new 50-card decks.

It’s now time to discover the new punchboards, hoping you’ll like them. We’ll soon announce the release schedule for this new version (I won’t speak about it sooner, not even through torture!!!). That said, we still have to finish some things about the Heroes of Stalingrad project before we can offer you this new adventure.

At the start of this new year, in the coming days, we will provide you with more news about our other games, such as Heroes of Black Reach.

Finally, if you see any errors in the punchboards, please don’t hesitate to report them to us.

posted by gduprez the [11/01/2019]

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75 Comments on “PUNCHBOARD PREVIEW – Heroes of Normandie v2”

  1. avatar 75. arden said :

    I like most of the stuff in the new version, just wish they would keep the ambush, ammunition, and the grenades font the same.

  2. avatar 74. François said :


    y-a-t-il des nouvelles concernant la sortie de cette nouvelle version ? mon fils l’attend avec impatience 🙂

    Merci par avance.

  3. avatar 73. James Meldrum said :


    Have you considered doing a book of artwork depicting portraits of the various characters in the game, both from the promotional posters as well as the game/character counters? I think there is a tremendous potential here for a product that would sell exceptionally well. I certainly would buy one! Such a book could contain not only characters from HoN but HoS as well.


    Jim Meldrum

  4. avatar 72. Tinippa said :

    Just a suggestion: the turn tracker is the same on both sides, turns from 1-8. Why not make it 9-16 on the other side?

  5. avatar 71. nickp said :

    Consistency in nomenclature would be welcome. It’s an 8.8 cm gun, not an **mm for instance (I know this counter isn’t in this set). You have used both for German guns.

  6. avatar 70. Tinippa said :

    One thing I disliked in the original core box is that Helmut, Ludwig and Clint are all wearing either a helmet or a cap in their recruitment tile pictures but in their character tokens they are not wearing any headwear… would be nice if you added the proper headwear to them

  7. avatar 69. Oddball said :

    Dislike the Tank Tokens with turned Turrets…

  8. avatar 68. nickp said :

    Why do so many of the vehicles have that misty look towards their left rear? Is it exhaust fumes or dust? I first noticed it on those recent blister packs for armoured forces.

  9. avatar 67. nickp said :

    I would’ve liked to have seen the German 352nd Division represented far more in HoN. They were good hard-fighting soldiers who deserve the status ‘hero’ as much as any other unit and were such a presence in the fighting against the Americans. They were so good they used to be (not so often nowadays) described as a seasoned veteran unit by apologists for the debacle at Omaha, yet they were actually a bit of a knocked-together outfit. More 352nds please in this 2nd edition please!

  10. avatar 66. pdf said :


  11. avatar 65. Moomer said :

    The Orders stars have been enlarged on ALL recruitment tiles for extra clarity as to how many orders are provided.

    The order stars on the recruitment tiles tiles of Oddball and Otto are still rather small.

  12. avatar 64. morp said :

    Il me semble que le cal.30 bleu/blanc US n’a pas son cadre rouge d’unité lourde. A part ça, je trouve les changements apportés bienvenus !

  13. avatar 63. Kingprawn said :

    … and Oddball seems to have lost his “fire on the move” ability, which was a major reason to include him.

  14. avatar 62. Colhammer said :

    Also, the back side of the MG Nest should be destroyed, not identical to the front side?

  15. avatar 61. Colhammer said :

    @Kingprawn: Yes, the V1 MG Nest has fixed forward fire arc and this V2 version should have too. Good catch.

  16. avatar 60. Kingprawn said :

    One small thing… for the turn marker, you should invert the backside; that way, when advancing turns we’d be flipping the marker down as it moves down the track, rather than flipping it sideways (as the current markers do) and then moving it down.
    It’s minor, but makes advancing turns flow a little nicer. (I cut my marker through the center and repasted it after rotating 180* to achieve this).

    Also, isn’t the machine gun nest fixed facing? I don’t see markings on the unit indicating that.

  17. avatar 59. nickp said :

    For a good while HoN was my favourite game. There was something mind-boggling about depicting segments of time lasting mere seconds each, to the point where bog-standard troops could not both fire and move within one segment. Ditching many of the rules which hamstring what should be a dynamic and fluid miniatures game. Mashed at 3am I would set up quick scenarios of my own just to see what happened. The quality of the components was a major element of my LOVE too and it annoyed me no end when I bought the three airborne sets (Carentan etc) with their dreadfully messed up counters. I literally cannot play one of the FSJ scenarios so demoralising is the sight of the smudged lop-sided-cut FSJ. Recently I picked up the three armoured Division sets. Well-cut, nevertheless there was the glitzy enamelled look to some of the colouring and what I can only describe as a scratchy look to some German vehicles. It’s not that the art-work was so bad as that these items look inconsistent on a map in comparison to the counters we got up to and including the airborne boxes. Quality of component is a major plus with this game and to be so inconsistent (and frequently shoddy in the cut) has lowered it in my esteem. I want to end by saying I loved this game to the point where I found it painful to carry on buying it, so damaging are the compromises in the quality department.

  18. avatar 58. Colhammer said :

    Yes, Otto has Panzer IV in the base box and Tiger in the “Kelly’s Heroes” expansion.
    A Tiger in the base box would be too unbalancing for the german side, I think.

    Same thing with the Oddballs Sherman in base and Sherman (76) in “Kelly’s Heroes”.

    All the old scenarios are balanced for the Basic Sherman and Panzer IV anyway.

  19. avatar 57. Ainsty Castings said :

    Does OTTO now drive a Panzer?

    Oddballs tank is a normal Sherman? I cant make out from the images and trying to enlarge just makes them fuzz out

  20. avatar 56. Nostradunwhich said :

    For anyone worrying about the colors, remember those will change when bonded to the punchboard material.

  21. avatar 55. Nostradunwhich said :

    Board CB-04-0D-HoN-002 should be CB-04-0D-HoN-004. It does not have the same punch pattern as CB-02-0D-HoN-002. (Also, the rest of the boards are numbered sequentially, which made this easy to spot 😉 )

  22. avatar 54. Skyarrow said :

    Les illustrations sont classes, c’est raccord avec les unités du ressuply, par contre les logos futuristes façon HOBR et les faces embusquées vont vraiment faire tâches.

    Il y a un flak 38 qui traîne petit bonus de la V2?

    Sinon le M8 on dirait un M20.

  23. avatar 53. beleg01 said :

    C’est le Oddball de la version De l’or, des braves et des nazis.

  24. avatar 52. m3phistos said :

    Oddball perd le tir en mouvement sur son arme principale entre la V1 et la V2. C’est voulu ou c’est un oubli?

  25. avatar 51. almawer said :

    The only thing I miss is Lord Lovat’s Commandos and none of my expansion does not look like leyautu V2.

  26. avatar 50. CDN_VTach said :

    Hi DPG, (etc al)
    I presume that there will eventually be accompanying storage options for v2.0?

    Would you consider also including a sticker sheet with the new (inverted) unit stripes and icon s, so that those of use with existing storage solutions can retrofit them? I know I have an extra core box storage kicking around I could use.


  27. avatar 49. Colhammer said :

    Ups, sorry, I meant DPG, not DPH…

  28. avatar 48. Colhammer said :

    @Sierra: All the newer stuff like St.Mere-Eglise, Carentan, US 4th Armoured Division, 1st SS Panzer Division, US Airborne, GE Airborne, Kellys Heroes, Pointe du Hoc, + the British new stuff too.
    Basically, DPH had already started move towards this newer look way before the V2 box. Heroes of Stalingrad is also V2 looking rather than V1 looking.

  29. avatar 47. Sierra said :

    Colhammer: “This upgrade just brings the base box to the visual style of most of the expansions.”
    I must respectfully say that I disagree, I don’t feel that most of the expansions look like v2. Perhaps you could mention a couple expansions that you feel already have the v2 look.

  30. avatar 46. almawer said :

    I know the rules of the ambush … If the layout changes, then I will stop buying new extensions … Unfortunately, the spewy appearance of the elenents is very much important and it is like walking in different shoes.

  31. avatar 45. Colhammer said :

    Most of the new expansions that have come out already have the visual style of V2. This upgrade just brings the base box to the visual style of most of the expansions. This new look actually makes the whole HON range to look MORE uniform, not less.

  32. avatar 44. Colhammer said :

    There is already noticeable difference between the old base box and the expansions, where you can tell from the ambush side that the troop in question is from base game platoon or from expansion platoon. It doesn’t “break the game”.
    The ambush side has many more functions than just hide what troops identity it hides. You cannot affect troops in ambush with grenades, mortars or other area effect weapons. You cannot fire at troops with the ambush side on.
    Also, most of the time, the ambushing troops come from the same platoon and thus have the same color hue. It doesn’t really matter if the V2 troops look slightly different from V1 troops. There is no uniformity in the whole HON collection. Each expansion is a bit different from each other expansion. If this breaks the game, then it would have broken the game a long time ago already.

  33. avatar 43. Ainsty Castings said :

    As mentioned, the Ambush side of tokens if different will aid in identifying the troops on the other side, this will effect game play which is not a good thing, a;so the quality of board, thickness and print resolution, all for the same reason.

    Keep Artwork the same please or the game may break?

  34. avatar 42. almawer said :

    For this reason, Magic the Gathering does not change the layout from the first edition.

  35. avatar 41. Sierra said :

    This was fantastic news but also terrible news.

    I love the GAMEPLAY upgrades.
    The aviation system, the revised blast templates showing all variants in one, the character upgrade slots, etc. This kind of stuff is amazing! Makes the game even better and well worth buying the new box for. Especially if the units are not exact duplicates of the ones in the old box so that we can play with both.

    Please do NOT change the graphics.
    I love this game, and the visual look is a big reason for it. I’m not saying the v2 test looks bad, but to have v1 and v2 match visually is really important. Tokens or tiles that don’t match would stand out and look really bad, and essentially make them different games. Some might say that the gameplay is still the same and the visuals aren’t what makes the game, but with that argument you could play the game on white squares with stats written on them. The visual style is part of what makes HoN/HoS so great, and that’s why it’s so important it is consistent between v1 and v2.

    I have almost all the expansions, and if they suddenly don’t visually match future HoN/HoS products I don’t see myself buying future expansions as they make what I have obsolete. So this news makes me very excited and sad at the same time.

  36. avatar 40. Owen_ballantyne said :

    Looks great! Excited for this. Hopefully a new set of stickers get released along side it too, (Gebirgsjager and other units without stickers too) so we can add these v2 core troops and other new troops to our storage boxes. Keep on trucking piggies!

  37. avatar 39. gduprez said :

    Quelques éléments complémentaires:
    – pour l’aviation, la présence de tuile dans la nouvelle boite de base marque simplement que nous avons choisi d’aller vers cette nouvelle façon de représenter l’aviation. Comme nous l’avons déjà évoqué, il y aura une extension dédiée à l’aviation. Je peux même vous dire qu’elle contiendra, a priori, les deux avions de la boite de base histoire que tout le monde les aient. Ca fera un petit doublon mais vu ce qu’il est prévu dans cette extension, ce n’est clairement pas un problème 😉
    – pour le rendu des couleurs, il faut bien avoir en tête que selon qu’on fasse un export pour écran ou pour des fichiers d’impression, on utilise pas les mêmes codages de couleurs. C’est du RVB pour l’un et CMJN dans l’autre… les previews publiées en ligne sont donc différentes des fichiers d’impression. On ne s’inquiète donc pas.
    – les règles de la version 2 sont les règles du Compendium. Les règles Compendium nous paraissent abouti (même si nous devrons publier un petit errata et une FAQ pour fixer les petites erreurs qui s’y sont glissées et dont nous avons parlé sur ce forum). Le système va continuer à évoluer mais le Compendium reste le coeur des règles. Pas de changement donc dans la boite de base V2 sauf l’arrivée des nouvelles règles pour l’aviation.
    – pour les decks 50 cartes (US, GE et UK), comme cela a été évoqué par certain, il est probablement possible dans produire et de les vendre à l’unité. Nous envisageons très sérieusement de les vendre à part pour les anciens joueurs qui ne voudraient pas acheter la boite v2.
    – pour un éventuel kit de conversion, avec tout ce que je viens de dire, vous comprendrez que nous ne pensons pas en faire.


    Some additional elements:
    – for aviation, the presence of tiles in the new core box simply indicates that we have chosen to move towards this new way of representing aviation. As already mentioned, there will be an extension dedicated to aviation. I can even tell you that it will contain, a priori, the two aircraft in the basic box so that everyone can have them. It will be a little duplicate but given what is planned in this extension, it is clearly not a problem;)
    – for color rendering, it is important to keep in mind that depending on whether you export for screen or print files, you do not use the same color encodings. It is RGB for one and CMYK in the other… so the previews published online are different from the print files. So we don’t worry about it.
    – the rules of version 2 are the rules of the Compendium. The Compendium rules seem to us to be successful (even if we will have to publish a small errata and a FAQ to fix the small errors that have slipped into them and that we have discussed on this forum). The system will continue to evolve but the Compendium remains the core of the rules. No change in the V2 core box except the arrival of the new rules for aviation.
    – for decks 50 cards (US, GE and UK), as mentioned by some, it is probably possible to produce and sell them individually. We are seriously considering selling them separately for former players who would not want to buy the v2 box.
    – for a possible conversion kit, with all that I have just said, you will understand that we do not intend to make any.

  38. avatar 38. almawer said :

    Please do not change the layout. If you do this, V1 and V2 will be different games. The ambush side in V2 has a different look which will make it possible to recognize which version of the game the squad is and mixing version will result in the loss of the obvious element of surprise. For me as a veteran HoN who has almost everything – this is not fair! Sory for poor English.

  39. avatar 37. JanHoos said :

    Hi Tobilee,

    Someone from Devilpig said on the forums that there’s something coming up for the veterans. ^_^

    Gduprez, thanks for taking the time to read and respond on the feedback <3

  40. avatar 36. Tobilee said :

    And What happens with the ones Who have spent thousands (literal) of euros in HoN? I don’t one todo buy the Core box again, Is there going to be some upgrade pack?

  41. avatar 35. cdmdu said :

    @Donnie Williams:
    Having different names and colors is a big advantage for us, players: we can keep the ones we already have AND the newer ones. More soldiers, more stuff, bigger battles…

  42. avatar 34. Donnie Williams said :

    Just make the v2 units the exact same unite names so we can keep the ones we already have OR the newer ones. Otherwise this is going to mess with the storage system as well.

  43. avatar 33. Sroker said :

    Après digestion émotive et deuxième visionnage attentif des pions, c’est quand même vraiment chouette hein, petit problème de saturation toujours là mais Guillaume semble l’avoir remarqué aussi donc ça risque de changer.

    Je m’excuse si mon message à été un petit peu ardent mais il n’y avait pas de mauvaise attention derrière d’ou les nombreux compliments 😛

    Evidemment se sera un produit qui viendra grandir ma collection.

    Courage pour tout le reste, et encore une fois bravo pour la comm (Guillaume tu donnes beaucoup c’est beau!), j’ai l’impression que le jeux revient à la vie et de manière chaleureuse avec plein de bon projets ça fait super plaisir, bravo à vous encore une fois.

    Je suis à 666% avec vous les cochons!

  44. avatar 32. cdmdu said :

    J’y vais donc de mon petit commentaire : Bravo!
    J’aime beaucoup le nouveau tour des pions: ils doivent être magnifiques sur un plateau de jeu, se fondant dans le décor.
    Les nouveauo(rochers, etc. ) sont plutôt un bon apport et les gabarits d’armes à explosion sont très chouettes. Le lance-flammes est plus réaliste, j’aime bien, sauf peut-être la couleur bleu au départ du jet: un peu « too much »; j’ai connu une BD qui a foiré à cause de ce même bleu qui fait trop « éclair de super-héros ».
    Les chiffres des pictogrammes changent: j’aime moins, mais je m’y habituerai sans problème.
    Il y a en effet une sursaturation des couleurs un peu malheureuse et les bordures noires des silhouettes sont trop épaisses (il y a le même problème avec les planches de « civilians under fire »: ça donne un aspect moins précis, moins bien fini.

    2 remarques sur la jouabilité:
    -3 bonus « ordre +1 permanent », c’est pas beaucoup?
    -le dos des unités embusquées a changé : si on les joue avec les anciennes unités (V1), il y aura une différence et donc un possible repérage par l’adversaire.

    Enfin: les héros avec possibilité d’amélioration: c’est génial et personne ne nous oblige à les utiliser!
    Le nouveau deck de 50 cartes est très attendu: enfin le voici!
    Un jeu doit évoluer graphiquement avec son temps, je suis plutôt heureux que ça se fasse par petites touches. Je trouve juste que c’est une façon idéale de conserver la compatibilité de toute la gamme, plutôt qu’un changement très brutal dans 10 ans.

    Merci de nous montrer l’avancee de votre boulot et bon courage pour la suite!

  45. avatar 31. Moomer said :

    The differences in artwork style may not be very nice to look at when combining different sets but that doesn’t influence the actual game. Some new terrain here, always nice.

    I do see Core box V1 heroes without any extra slots at a certain point cost.
    That cost is logically higher for those same heroes in the “Kelly’s Heroes” expansion because there they have extra slots.
    These same heroes now appear in V2 also with an extra slot but at the same price as in V1. In that respect V1 and V2 though similar, are different games.

    It is a good thing that Airforce and Artillery are handled in a more streamlined fashion and the revision of the card decks is also for the better.

    For new players : go out and buy this box!
    For the veterans :
    feel free to get this one as well but if you already have the lot, instead of having to obtain another complete Core Box would a P500 be a better option to catch up?
    After all, the decks and planes will be part of Heroes of Stalingrad as well anyway.

    P 500 with
    -the new decks
    -the airplanes
    -the updated heroes
    -the different terrain pieces

  46. avatar 30. Colhammer said :

    The new art style is perfectly in line with the newer products like US 4th Armoured Division, the German SS division or any of the Airborne expansions.

    I’m getting this box because I want to upgrade my card decks and get the updated air support. Also, I want those new blast templates!
    It’s nice that the “new” platoons have different band colours and (I think) the platoon leaders have different names. Makes them useful alongside the old platoons.
    I’m guessing the maps will be same because the need to conform to old scenarios?

    Anyway, this needed to be done (because they ran out of core boxes and need to print new ones), so might as well polish the product a bit. Everything looks good.

  47. avatar 29. gduprez said :

    @Massamends: there are no plans to reprint extensions. When they are out of stock, we will make more.

  48. avatar 28. gduprez said :

    @massamendes: il n’est pas prévu de réimpression des extensions. Quand elles seront en rupture de stock, nous en ferons d’autres.

  49. avatar 27. gduprez said :

    Les règles “v2” sont celles du Compendium.
    The “v2” rules are those of the Compendium.

  50. avatar 26. gduprez said :

    Bon, avant de répondre à tout, je vais prendre le temps de laisser d’autres membres de la communauté répondre / commenter / donner leur avis. Lisant tous les commentaires, je constate que les avis sont très très partagés…

    Juste quelques éléments:
    – le rendu de la Gazette N°8 n’est pas exactement celu que nous voulions. Nus avons changé d’usine pour essayer de recentrer notre production en Europe… Ce n’est pas vraiment concluant et nous reprenons donc la production avec notre usine habituelle…
    – les visuels sont provisoires (c’est écrit en début de News): pour ce qui est du contraste et de la saturation, nous pouvons encore faire des réglages et de toute façon, il faudra aussi être attentif au moment de l’impression. Notre objectifs n’est pas d’avoir des jeux avec des visuels identiques mais avec des visuels de qualité identique.

    Tout changement présente un risque. Certains aimeront. D’autres non.

    Nous allons donc lire les commentaires de notre communauté, de nos clients, de nos fans comme le souligne Sroker et nous en parlerons entre nous. Nous en tirerons des conclusions. Nous changerons peut être certaines choses…
    Puis nous répondrons puisque comme beaucoup l’ont constaté, nous avons su répondre aux demandes et aux attentes de notre communauté en matière de communication alors que ce n’est pas notre domaine… On doit être capable d’arriver à le faire sur les visuels de nos jeux, domaine qui nous est plus familier. 😉

    Merci donc pour vos retours même quand vous n’êtes pas d’accord avec nos choix. Ils participent à nourrir notre réflexion et influencerons sans aucun doute nos choix définitifs.


    Well, before answering everything, I will take the time to let other members of the community answer / comment / give their opinion. Reading all the comments, I notice that the opinions are very, very divided…

    Just a few elements:
    – the rendering of Gazette No. 8 is not exactly what we wanted. We have changed factories to try to refocus our production in Europe… It is not really conclusive and we are therefore resuming production with our usual factory….
    – the visuals are provisional (it’s written at the beginning of News): as far as contrast and saturation are concerned, we can still make adjustments and in any case, we will also have to be careful when printing. Our objective is not to have games with identical visuals but with visuals of identical quality.

    Any change presents a risk. Some will like it. Some people don’t.

    So we’re going to read the comments from our community, our customers, our fans as Sroker points out and we’ll talk about it among ourselves. We will draw conclusions from this. We may change some things….
    Then we will answer because, as many have noted, we have been able to meet the demands and expectations of our community in terms of communication when it is not our field…. We must be able to do it on the visuals of our games, an area that is more familiar to us. 😉

    So thank you for your feedback even when you don’t agree with our choices. They contribute to our thinking and will undoubtedly influence our final choices.

  51. avatar 25. Sroker said :

    Bien joué pour le taff de ré-actualisation graphique de la plupart des pions, malheureusement je suis en partie de l’avis de socialdejo et de Nagash1959. C’est un gros risque qui est pris ici, perdre, ou étouffer une partie de votre Fan Base, car on peut ici vraiment parlé de Fan Base et pas de simple consommateur de boardgame classique style ffg et autre consorts. Etant moi même fan depuis le jour officiel de lancement de la boite de base V1 le 06 juin 2014 (à l’occasion du 70è anniversaire du débarquement en Normandie) me semble t’il. Je ne suis pas satisfait de certains changements même si je dois reconnaître qu’une partie des changements, et nouveautés sont plus que satisfaisant.

    Pour exemples:

    Les moins:

    – Cerné noir de l’infanterie accentué.
    – Saturation, ou contraste des pions d’infanterie augmentant ainsi l’effet Heroic fantasy, et pour le coup rendant les pions beaucoup moins authentiques.
    – La typo des points d’armées ainsi que celle des noms d’unités moins lisible de part le liseré noir atténué (par rapport à V1), et du changement de fond derrière les chiffres.
    – L’augmentation de la taille des contours des types d’unité (liseré jaune pour officier), tant a enfermer l’illustration cassant encore une fois l’atmosphère des pions.
    – Sac de sable qui semble moins visible et réaliste que la V1.
    – Changement de l’illustration du gabarit lance flamme, qui reprend à mon goût le style graphique de HOBR, qui ne correspond pas du tout à l’univers et au réalisme de HON. Il y a un risque ici à trop vouloir mettre à jour le style visuel de la v1, j’ai peur que vous vous inspireriez trop de ce que vous avez fait récemment pour HOBR (qui dit en passant dans son contexte tabasse sévèrement du sale xenos ennemi de l’imperium), je vois ici l’uniformisation de HON, avec une charte graphique qui ne correspond pas à son contexte historique.
    – Changements des pions d’options: ammo, grenade, etc…
    – Tuile pour l’aviation, pourquoi pas de tuile pour l’artillerie Hors-carte.
    – Livret de règles v2, et le compendium on fait comment? 🙂
    – POINT à PART: le rendu des punchboard de la gazette #8, j’ai remarqué que c’était produit en Pologne (ce qui ethniquement est mieux j’avoue) je trouve que visuellement ça pêche sévèrement, le rendu quasi brillant cheap et la saturation des couleurs à brûler la rétine ne corresponde pas du tout à ce que j’ai eu l’habitude de voir.

    Les plus:

    + Dé-saturation des véhicules qui adopte un coté beaucoup plus fidèle à la réalité. A l’inverse de l’infanterie pour le coup je ne comprend pas l’inversion infanterie/véhicule?
    + Système de gabarit d’explosion repensé pour faire figuré tous les calibres d’obus sur le même pion.
    + Apparition de nouveaux éléments de décors telle les rochers (Il sont super beau ces cailloux).
    + Apparition des tuiles d’aviations.

    Je n’ai absolument aucun soucis à ce que plusieurs univers de jeux voit le jour au sein du Heroes System Tactical Scale, mais la richesse du système serait de garder une charte graphique bien définit pour chaque univers. C’est l’une des richesses de votre système. (vous êtes fort quand même faut l’avouer et ça fais plaisir).

    Je comprends peut être ici votre ambition avec cette refonte, attirer de nouveau joueurs, attirer la clientèle de HOBR vers HON. Malheureusement pour que reste cohérent l’univers graphique de HON, je pense qu’il y a un réel intérêt à reconsidérer les changements graphiques liés au point négatif cités précédemment.

    De plus comment le reste de la gamme de HO va exister, ou pour le coup co-exister avec cette refonte (je possède tout, vraiment tout, ahaha pauvre de moi à 24 ans). Financièrement et marketing-ement parlant je ne pense pas que ressortir toutes les extensions et punchboards sortis pour HON à ce jour soit une idée lumineuse.

    Que le nouveau contenu, quand on change de front (Valable pour Heroes of WW2) comme avec Heroes of Stalingrad soit graphiquement différent ne pose aucun problèmes (si tout ce qui est proposé par la suite pour HOS conserve cette même charte). On a de rare chance de voir un régiment Canadien tabasser des Allemands pas content sur le front de l’Est, à moins que cela est existé, et que du coup je passe pour un nul.

    Ce qu’il faut entendre ici c’est l’unité. Unité et interdépendance singulière de la gamme, mais surtout unité de votre public, vos fans, vos groopies.

    Pour conclure j’ai eu l’occasion de rencontre tous (ou une partie) des membres de Devil Pig, à Cannes, au salon Octogone, à l’open des jeux d’Histoire, ou encore à la Brussel Games Festival (et participer à plusieurs tournois (ou j’ai même réussi à finir 3è ahaha)). je supporte ce jeux et je l’aime très fort vraiment, et j’aimerai juste que l’on puisse répondre à mes interrogations notamment liés au changements des points négatifs que j’ai cités précédemment. La communication c’est le nerf de la guerre, et vous savez de quoi je parle :). J’applaudis d’ailleurs de mes deux nageoires les progrès extrême que vous avez fait en cette matière ça dynamise le truc à fond et ça c’est méga important et ça fait super plaisir de sentir votre énergie de cette manière la aussi.

    Je tiens à saluer tous les membre de la team (passé ou futur) que je connais Yann, Clem, Olivier, Alexandre, Axel, Sandy, et Guillaume avec qui j’ai longuement parlé sur les marches devant la convention Octogone en 201?. Et je vous remercie aussi pour votre travail, votre passion, et votre amour du jeux et des choses bien faites. Un grand Bisous d’amitié à tous.


  52. avatar 24. JanHoos said :

    I love the new platoon tiles. Instead of the normal green, the weathering and effects make it look really cool! The rock tiles are awesome as well. Can’t wait for the new decks so I dont have to remove cards every scenario.

    But I have to agree with other people as well. Upping the saturation and contrast (it seems)looks cool. But not when you mix it with your other troops and expansions.

    I have to agree with Social on this one. In my oppinion, there where more pressing matters to update.

    I’m also interested in what the P500’s will look like. If they to will use the upped saturation and contrast, I’ll be less inclined to expand my heroes collection. I think I’ll only pick up the things I’m really excited about and pass on the “cool but not awesome” expansions.

  53. avatar 23. massamendes said :

    Can we buy just this new art?

    If I buy some expansions now that are in stock and then buy those that will have reprints, I will have a difference in the arts, correct?

  54. avatar 22. gduprez said :

    We redo the core box because there are no more and it is an essential product. I explained in the News why the box should remain close to the one of version 1 in terms of its content.
    For extensions, however, when we make new ones, they will be brand new products, not reprints of existing extensions.
    We will show you the tiles soon. For the compatibility reasons I explained, it will be the same tiles.
    Nous refaisons la boite de base parce qu’il n’y en a plus et que c’est un produit indispensable. J’ai expliqué dans la News pourquoi la boite devait rester proche de celle de la version 1 d’un point de vue de son contenu.
    Pour les extensions par contre, quand nous en ferons des nouvelles, ce sera des produits tout nouveau pas des réimpressions des extensions existantes.
    Nous vous montrerons en ligne les tuiles bientôt. Pour les raisons de compatibilité que j’ai expliqué, ce sera les mêmes tuiles.

  55. avatar 21. massamendes said :

    I just want to try to understand because I just bought one of the last copies I found in the USA and I do not want to disappoint myself knowing that everything will be redone.

  56. avatar 20. massamendes said :

    The maps will change too? God so many questions hehehe

  57. avatar 19. massamendes said :

    All game will get a new version? Because next month I will get all expansions avaiable in this site. Or I need wait for new versions?

  58. avatar 18. massamendes said :

    Errr.. new version? Shit I bought last week a copy on USA… what happened now?

  59. avatar 17. Nagash1959 said :

    I don’t see this as making characters too strong, I still wouldn’t want Clint to stroll out in front of an MG42…

    They do address, somewhat, the translation issues by saying it is a new rulebook…but that was what I joined the KS for the Compendium was *supposed* to do…so there’s that…

    I’d like to see the rulebook posted online long in advance, so errors can be pointed out and the format improved. Let the community help and fix these things before they go to print.

    We also haven’t seen the terrain tiles. Should we expect them to blend in with the ones we have or will the core box ones feel like two different games pushed next to each other? With impending P500 campaigns for reprinting terrain packs, people will want to know if they’re about to buy something right as the art gets altered.

    I’m excited, I just have more questions.

  60. avatar 16. Timerron said :

    I’m loving the new stuff. There are those who don’t like it and I wish they did, but personal preference is just that. Personal. I agree that translations could be better but until I learn French I can’t help with that.

  61. avatar 15. socialdejo@gmail.com said :

    The two biggest complaints this game receives is the improperly translated rule book and zero organizational space that makes the game difficult to play from the start. instead of focusing on those complaints, you decide to boost the saturation and exposure on the units. Ultimately, making the visual cohesion for the game/ expansions an issue. Instead of addressing the issues you just created more problems. How is this going to make this game more accessible to more supporters? If anything this alienates and divides your consumer base. Your products are no longer visually consistent.

  62. avatar 14. Ainsty Castings said :

    Also we find that if characters get upgrade slots too much goes into making superheroes and they become overly powerful. especially if you use the Level Up additional slots which this could now make possible. Let the 40K boys play with “Fantasy Armies”

    That’s opened a can of worms for sure……

  63. avatar 13. Ainsty Castings said :

    I have spent 2000 Euros on HoN and SoN I would rather have consistency of design in my collection. I am not a fan of change for the sake of change. All things currently fit together and look great.

  64. avatar 12. Dawigrund said :

    Thank you for updating the system without making our old stuff obsolete. This will be a definite pickup for me once it releases. I’m looking forward to the new aircraft. And a P-47…yes!!!

  65. avatar 11. socialdejo@gmail.com said :

    Yikes, what a headache this brings. I think the new art just complicates and leaves the design susceptible to myriad of problems that you have not accounted for. As if you are not the reigning kings of misprints this will just be another era of goofs. I think consistency is more important than any new “polish” you can slap down. The design was beautiful in the original. I think the new art is unnecessary and does nothing to remold the design. Subjectively, I dislike the oversaturated and overly exposed look. It reminds me of the quality of print run for gazette # 8 which looked like a gorilla with lipstick on the board. Im not sure why this new design would bring new faces. The new implementation doesn’t do anything to improve the gameplay or change the design in any significant way. I actually think this will just alienate die hard veterans of the series. The art will clash with the the old art and that is never appealing. Noobies will be buying old expansions which will clash with their new art. What a waste of resource. If you actually read the reviews of the game on BGG. You will see that the biggest complaint is the rulebook. No one ever criticizes the artwork. I actually never had an issue with the artwork and quality until gazette # 8 came out. I thought gazette #8 was just a hiccup but i can see now, it’s the future of the game. I’ll be sitting out on this “new adventure”

  66. avatar 10. bartdevuyst said :

    It’s looking really great so far. I like the punchy colours. Nice and bright! The new grainy tokens and background fit well with WW2 destruction. I like this new style we’ve seen for Heroes of Stalingrad too. I also like the common troops with inverted colour stripes. It’s a nice touch for the veteran players because it’s a good way to field more regular, low costed troops without new special abilities we’ve seen in expansions. Much like in miniature gaming where you can buy multiple of the same.

    Could you update the icons on the Suppressed Markers with the new layout from Heroes of Black Reach? In HoBR the Suppressed Markers show a die -2 and a movement arrow -2 next to the Suppressed Icon. I think that new layout of Black Reach is helpful and better than the old Suppressed Markers.

  67. avatar 9. stormtrpp said :

    Looks great, change is always hard. If V1 is still valid, I don’t see any problems. I am excited about the aircraft rules. The rocky terrain is great too.

  68. avatar 8. Nagash1959 said :

    ipcutler: These are the same units from the original box. The color stripes are inverted, technically making them different units since the names don’t actually matter. Which is odd that they’re making the replacements backwards compatible, it would just highlight the extreme difference between units IMO.

    I’d like to see these boards with more vibrant colors to them. Nothing looks to different except for the color being so faded. And it’s not bad, if that had been the art since day 1 I’d like it. From what little I know about these visual design programs you wouldn’t have to actually redraw them right, just run it through a filter?

  69. avatar 7. ipcutler said :

    Really pleased to see HoN moving forward to V2, having looked at the images above and compared to the V1 content, I have no issues with the new design work. Quite happy to see different colour stripes to allow us to differentiate between the units.
    Quick question – on the punchboards I cant make out the Unit descriptions – are they going to be different regiments than the original core box to allow us to play with all of the content?

  70. avatar 6. almawer said :

    I do not want to buy new expansion with other graphics than the rest of my collection!

  71. avatar 5. almawer said :

    Aaaaaaaaa… WTF!?
    Do not change the art work!

  72. avatar 4. jyonkers said :

    I agree with Nagash1959. I liked the old art work a lot, it’s what attracted me to the game. It had a miniatures feel without the time and financial expense of minis; it played right out of the box. I think the new art style would clash when laid out beside the tiles from the original core box and expansions. The original style should be retained but recent upgrades to heros, the new warplane rules, new indirect fire templates, new card sets and the V2 rules should be the only changes to the new release. On the other hand, I did like the look of the rock pile overlays… that’s something that was missing. Sometimes all of the hedgerows and wood lots got kind of monotonous…

  73. avatar 3. gduprez said :

    The Aviation and Artillery cards will disappear in version 2.
    And no, we will not necessarily redo all the products in “version 2”. For the moment, we’re only talking about the basic box.
    Les cartes Aviation et Artillery vont disparaitre dans la version 2.
    Et non, nous n’allons pas forcément refaire tous les produits en version 2. Pour le moment, on ne parle que de la boite de base.

  74. avatar 2. Nagash1959 said :

    To clarify, “clean” might have been the wrong word (it’s 8AM here) but the color saturation I believe is the right word. Other units have the slight chipping but the color is still stronger, the updated boards have more of a fade. That would be a better wording for what I meant.

  75. avatar 1. Nagash1959 said :

    So the artillery is still cards in the core game? I don’t see any recruitment options to buy the cards like the old style or any recruitment options to buy strikes like in the Armored units expansions.

    Also, should we take this as a sign that you want to redo *all* the expansions? It would be strange to see the core art changed by itself.

    If you’re taking votes I’d rather stick with the art style we already had in V1, just upgrade the characters and scenarios and the V2 rules. I don’t want such a big visual difference with my units, I’d either have to mix them and make it look funny, or buy everything I already own a second time to stop the game from looking odd. I like the clean look of the original style.