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Preview Shadow Hunters – 2nd punchboard

We continue the previews of this new scenario pack for Shadows over Normandy! Because yes, this is a scenario pack containing:

– 3 punchboards

– 3 double-sided terrain boards

– 6 Majestics Action cards in english

– Rules and scenario sheets in english

But before we introduce this second punchboard, we will talk a little more about our new type of product, the LIMITED EDITIONS.


A game/expansion under the label LIMITED EDITIONS is a product that will be exclusive on our website, available for pre-order only for a short time (and on sale if we have some left) and especially NEVER REPRINTED.

We will produce at least 500 copies, depending on the number of pre-orders. On the other hand, we will print so as to have the least in stock, so there will be (maybe or not) very few copies to sell on the site thereafter. In addition, you will not find this expansion in store.

But this is not a classic pre-order, because depending on the number of pre-orders, gifts (as stretch goals on Kickstarter) will be unlocked, such as new game stuff or scenarios using them. The pre-order period will be very short (about 1 month). The goal is to quickly send the scenario pack in production to deliver you very quickly, the target being set to September 2017.

For information the punchboards are near finished (last checks), the sheets are already very advanced in French and we will still have the translation to do.


posted by Axel the [06/04/2017]

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