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Preview Shadow Hunters – Fisrt Punchboard







Few days ago, we published the cover of our next Shadows over Normandie extension.

Today, we disclose the preview of 1 of the 3 punchboards of Shadow Hunters.


posted by gduprez the [01/04/2017]

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4 Comments on “Preview Shadow Hunters – Fisrt Punchboard”

  1. avatar 4. Weird WWII said :

    Good to see Native Americans in the fray! Can’t wait to play with them!

    Keep it WEIRD!!!
    Brian & Mel

  2. avatar 3. papa schultz said :

    lol , c’est domage pour eli semoun elle n’est pas blonde mais elle a une forte poitrine ^^

  3. avatar 2. thia74 said :

    Terrific !
    Vous avez engagés Pamela Anderson pour l’indienne ou quoi ?

  4. avatar 1. Mrzarbiwayne said :

    sublime !