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The Compendium is the ultimate rule book of the Heroes system World War II!

It brings together the rules of all the game universes that will take place during the World War II, as Heroes of Normandy, Shadows over Normandy or the future Heroes of Stalingrad!


The Compendium is a 144-page book containing the entire rules of all that we have published until the end of this year, so near 100 pages of rules and near 50 pages of artbook.

It is accompanied by a folder (dual flaps) in which you can put the included game aids and the future ones, but also the scenario sheets of Civilians under Fire.

The whole thing will be stored in a durable slipcase to protect and take your rules everywhere!


  • 1 144-page book (rules and artbook)
  • 1 folder (dual flaps)
  • X 2-sided game aids sheets
  • X Civilians under Fire scenario sheets (double-sided)
  • 1 cardboard slipcase







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posted by Axel the [08/03/2017]