Cthulhu Mythos Call #3

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This expansion offers you new reinforcements for two factions: the Investigators and the Black Sun.

Three characters will join the ranks of the Black Sun, of which the pleasantly smiling Heinrich Von Kamptz is already well known by Heroes of Normandie players. This SS officer can now call on N°DCLXVI, the ultimate evolution of the terrifying ‘Toten’, and bring these undead into battle.

Among the available options in this product, you’ll also get to know the Bloodborn, creatures with a particularly staggering breeding rate, laying eggs in their victim’s blood! Once that sinister task is accomplished, the Black Sun sorcerers got into the habit of cleaning sectors with flamethrowers, the only effective manner to stop the multiplication of Bloodborn.

For the Investigator faction, Ariane Dubois lends her services to the Cellule du Guesclin and Julie Aubrac, an FFI group whose members were already fighting against the Mythos cultists long before the war. They’re now joining the battle to stop the Black Sun from concluding their dark projects. In Shadows over Normandie, the FFI are the basic troopers for the upcoming Investigator faction. In order to let them face conventional enemies, as well as occult creatures, a wide range of options are now available to personalise the FFI of this expansion, but also those of other Heroes System products (the single FFI punchboard, Civilians Under Fire and Gazette N#8). It’s even possible to field FFI units corrupted by the Mythos, making them join that faction thanks to an option.

Content :

  • 4 punchboards

After this quick overview, you can now download the Cthulhu Mythos Call #3 booklet.

CMC3 - Rules and scenarios - ENG
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To play these three scenarios offered in this booklet, you’ll need, next to the Shadows over Normandie core box: the SS Panzergrenadiere punchboard and the Civilians Under Fire expansion of the Heroes of Normandie range, as well as Battleground Set #4 – Woods & Hills.

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