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P500 Cthulhu Mythos Set – Call 4

Product available as part of the Shadows over Normandy P500 from 03 to 17 June 2019.
Available in limited quantities

Cthulhu Mythos Set - Call 4

15.00 €
Estimation of shipping date: 15/11/2019
20,348.90 €

Obviously, we can’t propose sewers without populating them with creatures. Cthulhu Mythos Call #4, composed of 3 punchboards, allows you to play with a Ghoul Clan (demanded by Shadows over Normandie Kickstarter backers at the end of the campaign). It contains ghouls, a ghoul priest (whose illustration you already admired a couple of days ago) and thematic terrain elements converting the sewers into a magnificently evil place.





  • 3 punchboards

posted by yann the [28/05/2019]