12.00 €
Estimation of shipping date: 30/06/2017
Quantity available: 1863 copies


– 1 punchboard with new NCOs (with possibilities of specializations), “Shaked” markers and “Routed” markers for moral rules.

– 1 6-pages booklet in english containing:

  • 2 short stories about moral
  • Scenario « More bridges? » – US (1020 pts) against Germans (1050 pts) (need the Battleground set, the River set, the US Army box, the German Army box and the Devil Pig News #1)
  • Scenario « So, what’s next, chief? » – US (depending of the previous scenario) against Germans (depending of the previous scenario) (stuff required, see previous scenario)
  • New rules about moral, linked to officers and NCOs presents on the Battlefield.

– 1 6-pages booklet in french with the same content as the one in english

posted by Axel the [16/03/2017]