Drop Zone #1 – English version

Drop Zone 1 - anglais

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To introduce you to Heroes of Black Reach, we decided to make an entire standalone demo game – you’ll just need to find 2 six-sided dice somewhere.  You’ll be able to play a full game and fight for the Emperor or for the mighty WAAAGH! in a scenario which introduces the full Black Reach campaign from the core box.  


This Drop Zone #1 includes:

  • 1 booklet (containing the rules and 1 scenario)
  • 1 battleground poster

Ultramarines units

  • Brother Malcian
  • Tactical Squad (Solinus) with their Rhino
  • Wargear and Upgrade Options

Orks units

  • Goff Teef Breakas with their Trukk
  • Goff Sluggas
  • Goff Boss Mob
  • Wargear and Upgrade Options


posted by Axel the [06/07/2017]