Heroes of Stalingrad Battle pack FR ENG

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The German forces arrive in the working-class district of Stalingrad and tries to capture one of the factories, but the Russian forces will not let them!

This Battle Pack contains:

  • The 2 factory tiles and its mini-campaign of 3 scenarios
  • 1 NKVD battalion and its recruitment options
  • 1 Shturmovye Gruppy and its recruitment options
  • 1 Aufklàrungs and its recruitment options
  • 1 Panzergrenadiere and its recruitment options
  • 2 heroes: Papa Koulikov (Russian) and David Kintz (German)
  • The buildings of the working class district
  • Terran tiles expansions
  • Vassili and König The heroes of the film Stalingrad.
  • Recruitment options and tiles for aviation.
  • Stickers for units and terrain tiles
  • the sewer network compatible with Shadow over Normandie

posted by yann the [27/01/2020]