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Boutique Monde : Les commandes sont envoyées depuis la France à travers le monde.
Pour réduire les frais de livraison à destination des États Unis ou du Canada, sélectionez la Boutique US.

The estimation of shipping of Heroes of Black Reach preorders may be pushed if necessary, depending of the difficulties met by the factory and carriers. August 2018 : games are being transported.

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HoN Errata #3

Errata #3

8.00 € 6.00 €

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  • 3 punchboards
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How to identify if you need it :

– On the back of a product in the list below, near barcode : “Lot” number finishing by “13”, “14” or “15”

Product list:

  • Commonwealth Army box
  • US Army Box
  • GE Army Box
  • Gazette #1
  • Gazette #2
  • Extra units set
  • 21th panzer division
  • Extra terrain set 2 (Hedgerows and cows)
  • HoN core box
  • Sainte-Mere-Eglise scenario pack
  • Carentan scenario pack
  • Civilians under Fire blister pack
  • Miller’s rangers (KS exclusive)


posted by Axel the [01/12/2016]