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The Winx – IT

15.00 €

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Quantity available: 9972 copies

In Celestia, the capital of the Celestial Order, the University of Magic is tired of waiting for its magic crystals. It therefore sends a delegation to exploit the mountain by itself. The confederacy of the flying witches, the Winx, proposed to settle in the skies close to the summit of Mount Ilyria, thinking to be safe from monsters… They failed, the monsters have even hired Ted, the famous giant pig-eater!

This add-on adds a new player with all the necessary hardware and a mini-boss!

This expansion contains:

  • All the necessary stuff for a fifth player (including the monster set from the core box and the Quest cards about his heroes)
  • 6 mini-boss tokens
  • 1 mini Boss board
  • 6wooden cubes (1 for each player with his color)
  • 3 new Challenges
  • 5 Challenge markers
  • 1 rule sheet

posted by Axel the [28/04/2017]